Maine Couple Open President Trump-Themed Coffee Shop

A couple opened a patriotic coffee and gift shop in honor of President Trump last week in Rockland, Maine.

A couple opened a patriotic coffee and gift shop in honor of President Trump last week in Rockland, Maine.

Owner Jestin Merchant said he wanted Covfefe Coffee and Gifts to be a place where customers can openly show their support for the president, according to the Bangor Daily News.

“From a business standpoint there really isn’t anything else like this out there,” explained Merchant, who runs the shop with his wife, Carrie.

“I recognized the need in this area, that there should be a spot where people can come and support Trump and not feel like they’re strange or different because they do support the president,” he stated.

February 10, the couple told reporters of their intent to open the shop at 325 Old County Road where they flew a Trump 2020 flag outside the building.

The Merchant’s coffee is from Thrasher Coffee Co., a Georgia-based company that is not shy about its support for the president.

“When you order from Thrasher Coffee, you’re going to enjoy such a freshly roasted cup it will make you glad all over again that you woke up another day in Trump Nation,” the company’s about page read.

With names like MAGA, The Don, #45 Blend, and Border Blend, it is no wonder the Merchant’s coffee shop has done so well. They also sell MAGA hats, bumper stickers, and books by conservative commentators like Ann Coulter.

“I was amazed by the amount of support,” Merchant noted, adding, “People from all over the state of Maine are coming out of the woodworks in support of this.”

“We’re not looking to offend or be mean-spirited. You may not support Trump or you may not support his ideas, but I guarantee there is probably someone in your family who does and they would love to have a Trump gift,” he stated.

Facebook users have left several positive reviews on the shop’s page.

“I stopped in & had a nice chat with the owner, & purchased a cup of the #45 coffee. The coffee was very good, & I will definitely go back!” wrote Susan Dancer Batty.

“I will make sure I have a few extra cups of coffee and leave a nice tip. I’m sure it will be awesome,” user John Perry wrote prior to the shop’s opening.

Merchant said even though he only planned to keep the business open for a year, he might keep it going longer by changing the theme if the president is not reelected in November.

“I love the feel and the fun aspect of it as well. Everyone who walks in the door seems to have a smile on their face and they’re just happy to see something like this in existence,” he concluded.


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