Chilean Nationals on Tourist Visas Burglarize Homes of Wealthy in New York, California


Five nationals from Chile have been arrested after securing tourist visas to travel to the United States with the intention to allegedly burglarize wealthy residents of California and New York.

Chilean nationals Amaro Rosas, Bayron Palta, Fabian Catalan, Juan Rosas, and William Perez were arrested by Nassau County, New York, law enforcement officials after they were tied to a series of burglaries in the wealthy neighborhoods of Sands Point, Locust Valley, Great Neck, and Glen Cove.

The Chilean nationals are part of a burglary ring that were able to legally arrive in the U.S. after securing B-2 tourist visas. Nassau County officials said the five men entered on their tourist visas through the U.S.-Mexico border and arrived in southern California before making their way to New York.

When they first arrived in the U.S., Nassau County officials said the Chilean nationals burglarized homes in the wealthy Beverly Hills, California, neighborhood — where some of the nation’s wealthiest elite have residences.

Then, after burglarizing those homes, Nassau County officials said the five men traveled to New York where they allegedly broke into Long Island homes in four neighborhoods. The Chilean nationals allegedly stole $30,000 worth of watches and $8,000 in cash, according to Nassau County officials.

Nassau County officials said the Chilean nationals gave them fake IDs from Argentina and warned that this is the third group of Chileans to be arrested for burglary in Long Island after being allowed to legally enter the U.S. on tourist visas.

All five men are being held without bail.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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