Mike Pence Celebrates Story of Great Great Grandmother Recovering from Coronavirus

White House / YouTube

Vice President Mike Pence brought up a story of Geneva Wood at the White House on Saturday, a 90-year-old grandmother who was recovering from coronavirus.

Woods was in a senior care center in Washington state when she tested positive for the virus on March 6. She vowed to fight the disease despite her conditions worsening and being isolated from family.

By March 18 she still had a stuffy nose and some coughing but tested negative for the virus.

“By all accounts, she’s doing well,” Pence said, after sharing her story. “She wanted America to know that there is hope and her strength and her enthusiasm is truly an inspiration to the nation.”

In an interview with the Kirkland Reporter, Wood’s daughter, Cami Neidigh, expressed her relief at the news.

“I feel it’s important to give people some hope. Getting this virus is not a death sentence for the elderly or anybody,” said Neidigh.

Pence said that Wood’s story gave hope to Americans and again promised to win the fight against the virus.

“As the president said many times, we’re going to get through this,” Pence said. “And come out stronger than ever before, and we’ll get through this as Americans together.”


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