Pulitzer Winner David Cay Johnston: If Trump Re-Elected, ‘Firing Squads’ for Journos Like Me

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR INSIDESOURCES - Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and author David Cay Johnston moderates a discussion about the challenges of the current tax code at the "Road to 2016: Informing the Tax Debate" at the Cannon House Office Building on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 in Washington. (Paul Morigi/AP Images …
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Appearing Monday on SiriusXM’s Joe Madison The Black Eagle, former New York Times reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnston claimed if President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020, “down that road lie firing squads” and said he “would expect to get shot in the first round.”

A transcript is as follows: 

JOE MADISON: Do you think, David, that Donald Trump would attempt to postpone or cancel the November election? A lot of my callers bring that up and I see a lot of that discussion in social media.

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: There’s no legal way for him to do that. We held an election in 1864 during the Civil War and we held an election in 1920, when the previous pandemic that killed Donald Trump’s grandfather, was underway. If we can hold elections under those circumstances, if we can hold one in 1944, then yes, we of course are going to hold an election. I think what’s more likely is severe efforts to deny the franchise to turn people away at the polls to do what they did in Dodge City, Kansas, which has a majority Latino population, they moved the voting to a location outside the city limits more than a mile from the nearest bus stop to suppress the Latino vote.


We’ve got to get this man out of office or it’s the end of our democracy, and down that road, Joe, lie firing squads.

MADISON: Firing squads?

JOHNSTON: Well, that’s what dictators do. I mean, I have no, you know, I said after Donald Trump won the electoral college, that if he could find a way to have me arrested, cause he said he hates me more than any other journalist in the world, that he would do so. And that Trump, who has no empathy for anyone else, all of us are just objects, Joe, we’re not people. Every case that I’ve ever studied that a country has been taken over by a dictator, of course there are firing squads. And I would expect to get shot in the first round.


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