Exclusive — Sen. Loeffler: Atlanta Riots ‘Out of Character’ for Georgia

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 24: Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) leaves the Senate floor after the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump was adjourned for the day on January 24, 2020 in Washington, DC. Democratic House managers concluded their opening arguments on Friday as the Senate impeachment trial of President …
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Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) told Breitbart News on Saturday that the riots in Atlanta on Friday night were “out of character” for the city and state known for its role in the Civil Rights Movement.

Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel, Loeffler said that she prays for the family of George Floyd—the man who died in Minnesota last week after being violently restrained by a police officer—and encourages peaceful protesting. She said she, like many others nationwide, is “upset” at the video of now former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling for several minutes on Floyd’s neck while Floyd said, “I can’t breathe.” Chauvin has since been charged with manslaughter and third degree murder by prosecutors in Minnesota while President Donald Trump has ordered the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI to conduct a formal federal investigation into the matter.

“This is tough. First of all, I have to say my heart and my prayers go out to the family of George Floyd. What we see in this video is devastating and it’s senseless,” Loeffler said on Breitbart News Saturday. “I’m really glad that the officer who was responsible has been arrested and charged with murder. Clearly, people are upset and they have a right to be upset. I’m upset. People have a right to protest peacefully, but this is Atlanta. What I saw last night was out of character for our great city and our great state.”

The anger building from the Floyd incident nationwide began with riots earlier this week in Minneapolis that have spread across the country in recent days, including in Atlanta and several other major cities on Friday night. The Friday night riots in Atlanta included people breaking into CNN’s headquarters, burning cars, and defacing buildings.

Loeffler, in a separate statement issued before her appearance on Breitbart News Saturday, said she is pleased to see Minnesota authorities taking action quickly but is concerned about what she saw in Atlanta on Friday night.

“In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, many Americans are rightfully angered and in pain. The Floyd family and our country need answers immediately. As we continue to call for justice, I’m encouraged to see Minnesota authorities have swiftly taken action,” Loeffler said. “While our anger and grief are intense and justifiable, the destruction we have seen across the country is not. Last night, we saw this in Atlanta, which has a long history of peaceful protests. Americans have a Constitutional right to speak out and peacefully assemble, but that’s not what we saw last night. For decades, Atlanta has served as an example for the country on how to make a difference peacefully. We must carry on that legacy moving forward, and I commend Governor Kemp, Mayor Lance Bottoms, and law enforcement for working together to achieve that shared goal.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, in response to the violent riots in Atlanta, called up the National Guard to regain control and order. The city’s mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, also issued an impassioned plea to her city to stop the violence.

Loeffler’s interview with Breitbart News Saturday included several other major topics: the coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party, and more.



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