Recent Joe Biden Hire Identified His Work on Criminal Justice Reform ‘The Problem’

Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, holds a copy of "Catalogue of Hope: Crime Prevention Programs for At-Risk Children" during a hearing of the committee on Capitol Hill, April 26, 1994. the committee was holding hearings on crime prevention, focusing on protecting disadvantaged children. (AP Photo/John …
AP Photo/John Duricka

Joe Biden’s campaign has added an adviser who once identified the presumptive nominee’s work on criminal justice reform as “the problem.”

The Biden campaign recently added Addisu Demissie, who managed Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) presidential campaign, to its team ahead of the party’s convention. He will serve as a “senior adviser responsible for coordinating the convention,” according to the New York Times.

However, Demissie has publicly criticized Biden’s work on criminal justice reform in the past, particularly as he headed up Booker’s campaign.

“’For decades, Joe Biden has been working on criminal justice reform.’ That’s the problem. And that’s the tweet,” Demissie said in tweet last summer:

His remark came as Booker labeled Biden the “proud architect of a failed system” who is “not the right person to fix it.”

Demissie also voiced his frustrations with the Biden-crafted crime bill in a 2016 tweet:

“I don’t understand how you ask Hillary to apologize for the Crime Bill and not someone who voted for it, standing RIGHT THERE, to do it too,” he lamented:

In March, the Biden hire mused that the Democrat party narrowing its choices to “two white men” revealed the “gruesome reality of Trump’s America … about the effectiveness of the racist, sexist campaign he would have run against a woman or a person of color.” However, he clarified that his remarks were not aimed to “diminish the efforts of the Sanders and Biden campaigns or the structural advantages they brought to the table”:

Despite his past criticism of Biden, even referring to his work on criminal justice reform as “the problem,” Demissie now says he is ready to help  elect a “real” president:

The revelations come as far-left groups seize on the death of George Floyd, igniting a race war as protests descend into chaos, largely dominated by looting, violence, vandalism, and arson.

Biden this week accused Trump of fanning “flames of hate,” and Trump responded on Wednesday with a sharp criticism of the former vice president’s political career.

“A guy like Sleepy Joe Biden was in there for 43 years … he was vice president for eight years,” Trump said. “He didn’t do a thing, his crime bill was a disaster.”

“What he did with Clarence Thomas was a disaster … a black man, a great justice as it turns out,” he continued.

“Go back to those horrible days the way he treated Clarence Thomas, they write books about it, there was nobody worse than Biden,” he added.


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