Watch — Former Cop: ‘No One’s Going to Make Me Ashamed’ of My Service

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Former police officer Tom Homan spoke at the pro-police “We Back Blue” march in Washington, D.C. on Saturday and defended his service and that of current officers, emphasizing that “profiling somebody for the job they do” is wrong and adding that no one is going to make him ashamed of his service.

Supporters gathered in the nation’s capital to show respect for men and women in law enforcement as anti-cop sentiments seize the nation in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Homan, who hails from a line of officers and spent over three decades in the force himself, delivered remarks at the event, speaking for whom he described as the “silent majority.”

“It’s really sad there’s not more here, he said, noting that “a lot of people are simply afraid to come out” due to violence from the left and the progressive narrative that “if you support cops, you must be a racist.”

“So a lot of people aren’t participating. So I’m here to speak to the silent majority that may be silenced right now, but I’m hoping they speak up in the near future,” he said, laying out his case.

“Racism is bad. No one is going to argue that. Right? What happened in Minneapolis was bad. No one’s going to justify that,” he said, stressing that people cannot “vilify an entire institution of law enforcement for the actions of a few.”

“Racial profiling is bad. But so is profiling somebody for the job they do,” he said. “One cop doesn’t make every cop bad.”

“And I spent more than three decades carrying a badge and gun. And I tell you every night I lay my head on my pillow, I’m proud of my life serving my country, serving my community, and no one’s going to make me ashamed of that,” he continued.

“No one’s going to shut me up, and no one’s going to silence me. The men and women in law enforcement leave the safety and security of their home every day to protect and defend people they don’t know, people they’ll never meet, and even people that despise them,” Homan added. “They’re going to be there for them.”


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