Nolte: Joe Biden Can’t Even Say a Sentence Properly for a Pre-Recorded Ad

Biden for President

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline appears to be so bad his campaign team left a flubbed line in a pre-recorded ad. Watch for yourself here:

As you can see, the ad opens with Biden tripping over his first line.

The scripted line, made apparent by the campaign’s own subtitles, is: “I am coming directly to you to ask a quick favor.”

Instead, Biden says “I’m coming directly to you for ask a quick favor.”

This 30-second ad is pre-recorded, and they still left the flub in.

What does that allow us to assume…

Well, it’s not as though Biden’s schedule is overwhelmed. He’s been hiding out in his basement for more than a month now, making very few appearances and traveling almost nowhere. So it’s not as if his team did not have time to record this until Biden got it right. So my guess is that they did try to get it right — that they did countless takes to get it right, but had to settle for this one because this was as good as it was going to get, which tells you a lot about how bad the 77-year-old candidate truly is.

Biden’s critics are not the only ones to notice this flub and to comprehend what it means…

There’s a reason why Biden is hiding out in his basement. Every time he pops his head out, something like this happens. Biden has to remain hidden, and when he’s not hidden, he needs to refer to notes and a teleprompter — even during interviews — or his mental decline will become even more apparent.

But as of right now, this strategy is working like gangbusters. If you believe the polls — and the national polls were only off by a single point in 2016 — Biden is positioned to win a landslide, to humiliate Trump in 2020.

Biden is not Hillary Clinton. Voters like Biden more than Hillary, they know Biden, and he’s just hiding out right now sitting on his ten-point national lead, running out the clock, and protecting his status as the “acceptable alternative” to a president with a 55 percent average disapproval rating.

Biden can’t hide in his basement or behind cue cards and notes and retakes during the debates. But at the same time, expectations are so low for his debate performance, if he manages to not drool all over himself and collapse to the floor, he can walk out a winner.

People can laugh all they want at Biden’s basement strategy, but as of right now it’s working, and as of right now, by ginning up these riots and over-blowing the coronavirus spike with fear porn, the media have so far managed to ensure the presidential campaign can’t get started — something they will continue to do straight through to November.

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