Watch–D.C. Resident Delivers Food to Police: ‘We Pray for Them, We Love Them’

D.C. resident Nestride Yumga, along with fellow community members, delivered food to local police officers on Saturday in a show of support for officers, rejecting the anti-cop narrative touted by Black Lives Matter activists.

Yumga, an American citizen originally from Africa, said she delivered food to officers because “our police department needs us now more than ever.”

“These are brave men and women who took the oath, they took the badge to serve the community and they’re doing just that,” she told Breitbart News.

“These are heroes. When we call them at three in the morning, they show up. … They need our help and our support now more than ever,” she continued, noting that officers routinely “save lives” and stressing that “our communities will suffer the most without the police.”

Yumga emphasized that the problem is violence and advocated for “evidence-based strategies to contain the violence.”

“I’m here to show these police officers that we are with them, we pray for them, we love them. We want them to be in our community,” she said, adding that their morale needs to be boosted. “And I’m here to do just that.”

“This is not media. This is really people talking about their communities. We need the police now,” she said, noting the community members who showed up with her.

“They need more of this,” she added, calling on others across the country to show their support for local police.

Yumga rose to social media fame weeks ago after Breitbart News caught footage of her confronting Black Lives Matter activists, calling them “hypocrites.”

Matt Perdie

“Go to Chicago. They don’t have schools, and they die every day. They don’t matter [to you] because you can’t get attention from that,” she told protesters at the time. She went on:

Group of hypocrites! Go to Southeast D.C., Northeast D.C. Tell them black lives matter! If it matters, it should matter everywhere. You guys are hypocrites, attention seekers. Black lives should matter everywhere. It doesn’t take a white cop to kill a black person [for their life] to matter.

“I’m proud of my country, and I don’t want my country to be portrayed like this,” Yumga told Breitbart News.

“No one is a victim here,” she added. “The only victim here is George Floyd.”

Tensions have risen in the nation’s capital in recent weeks, as demonstrators have taken to the streets in protest. Breitbart News has captured several uneasy moments between officers and activists, some of whom have mocked officers, unleashing angry tirades in the streets.


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