Progressives Crow over Joe Biden’s Leftward Lurch

Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Alexis Dupont High School in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, June 30, 2020. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Progressive governors and senators are downright giddy over Joe Biden’s lurch to the left.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) crowed about Biden’s shift during an appearance on ABC News Live:

“I’m not going to be in the White House,” the failed 2020 presidential candidate admitted, “but some of my ideas are when we put Joseph Biden in the White House, and I’m just thrilled by that.”

Inslee praised Biden for uniting the party, albeit behind far-left proposals.

“He really has united us. Sen.  Sanders was involved in this. [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] has been involved. This is a very uniting platform,” Inslee said of the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Sanders said Biden “moved a whole lot” to the left on his healthcare positions in the new platform:

Axios reported Elizabeth Warren has influenced Biden’s economic plan.

“Several elements of Biden’s economic recovery plan released last week were directly influenced by Warren and her team, three people familiar with the discussions told Axios and Biden campaign officials confirmed,” according to the outlet.

Biden has “publicly adopted at least six policy stances shaped by Warren and her team,” Axios reported.

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