Marianne Williamson Speaking at a Convention for Progressives Discussing Forming a Third Party

Marianne Williamson
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Marianne Williamson — author, self-help guru, and former Democrat presidential candidate who rose to national attention for her quirky style — will speak at the upcoming “People’s Convention,” where attendees will discuss the possibility of forming a third party.

The People’s Convention, geared toward progressives who feel ignored by the Democrat establishment, is slated for August 30 and will feature speakers including Williamson, former Sanders campaign national co-chair Nina Turner, former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-AK), Amped Up host Ryan Knight, comedian and The Jimmy Dore Show host Jimmy Dore, and Dr. Cornel West.

Organizers say participants will broach forming a “major new political party in America” — an idea that would seemingly resonate with Williamson, who has voiced her frustrations with the Democrat Party, blasting them for taking money from corporate donors while simultaneously vowing to “take them on.”

“One week after the Democratic and Republican national conventions, people from all walks of life will come together to discuss the state of the nation and plans to form a major new political party in America,” the People’s Party states, adding it will be a party “free of corporate money and influence.”

The national coordinator of the event, former Sanders staffer Nick Brana, said they no longer have any expectation “either party will govern in the people’s interest,” regardless of who wins the election.

“We plan to challenge them both in 2024. That’s a promise,” Brana said, according to Politico.

Williamson said in a statement:

An entirely new way of being is struggling to be born, and we need a political container for it — one that puts humanitarian values before amoral economic ones, and breaks free of a 20th-century political paradigm that no longer serves our democracy or even our survival on the planet. A new birth of freedom’ is struggling to be born, emerging from the hearts and minds of millions of people no longer willing to go along with systems that devolve rather than evolve our life on earth.

The strain between Williamson and the Democrat Party worsened as the Democrat primary progressed. The extent of her sentiments were revealed last September after a hot mic moment caught her marveling that conservatives are nicer to her than leftists.

“It’s such a bizarre world. I’m such a leftie, I’m a serious leftie. I understand why people on the right called them godless. I didn’t think the left was as mean as the right say they are,” she said:

Williamson, who declared she would defeat Trump’s “dark psychic force” with “love,” has been disillusioned by the first two nights of the Democrat Party’s convention, highlighting the lack of policy discussions throughout the two-hour primetime events:

While Williamson blasted Biden’s sudden rise to the top during the primary, referring to it as a “coup,” she has publicly support his presidency, because, she says, “there’s a fascist in the White House”:


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