Exclusive – Marsha Blackburn Previews RNC Speech: ‘Heroes’ Comprise ‘Thin Blue Line’ of Police Between ‘Calm and Chaos’

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told Breitbart News exclusively ahead of her speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Wednesday evening that she is appalled the Democrats have not condemned the violence, rioting, and looting taking place in various cities and towns across America.

In addition to Blackburn, Vice President Mike Pence and several others will speak on Wednesday evening.

Blackburn also noted that the “closest” Democrats got to discussing actual policy at last week’s Democrat National Convention (DNC) was when socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced he had overtaken the policies of the Democrat Party.

“As one of my Democrat friends summed it up, the closest they got to policy was Bernie Sanders taking credit for his leftist agenda now being accepted by the Democrat Party and some of those views now being accepted as mainstream by the Democrats,” Blackburn said in a phone interview. “I think that’s left a lot of Democrats and independents feeling as though they don’t have a home in the Democrat Party because the Democrat Party is so far left. The other thing that it puts the attention is what they did not say and they never called out the violence.”

Blackburn said that she intends to use her RNC speech to commend the “heroes” across America the left is trying to “cancel.”

“I’m going to talk about our heroes and the people the left is trying to cancel and just how vitally important they are to everyday life; and how blessed we are to have people who are everyday ordinary people who do extraordinary things in order to make the lives of each of us better,” she said.

Blackburn also told Breitbart News that the left’s push to eliminate police funding, military funding, and funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers fades “the thin blue line” between “calm and chaos.”

“They want to defund the police, defund the military, and defund ICE,” Blackburn said. “We’re saying it is important we have law enforcement and it’s important we have that thin blue line. It’s important to realize that this is that line between calm and chaos. It’s going to be vitally important for us to tell that message, and I think it’s important for the American people to honor the heroes for the good work they’ve done.”

Asked about the dark picture Democrats painted of America at the DNC—it was doom and gloom last week, an abandonment of hope and change—Blackburn said that the American people, by electing President Donald Trump, saw through the charade that former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama were pulling in 2008 and 2012.

“I think we have to realize that after the years of Obama-Biden, the American people said that, no, this is not the kind of change we want because it took away our hope for jobs growth and for better days and for opportunity for our children,” Blackburn said. “They elected Donald Trump. It’s important to remember that. Quite frankly, as I am out and about, I just left an event in Nashville—a community event—and I had two ladies sa, ‘I hope you’re seeing people stand up for religious liberty,’ and ‘I hope you’re seeing people stand against what the Democrats are trying to do.’ They had each seen some of the convention last week and they found it to be very dark and very discouraging—they don’t want to grow old, as they say, and have their children and grandchildren live in a country that’s moving towards socialism. They want their children and grandchildren to live in a land of freedom.”

She also said that during the RNC viewers should expect to hear much more about the “goodness” of America than they heard during the DNC.

“I think you’re going to hear in the coming week lots of goodness about the people of this country, and the ability of the people of this country to show up and help their neighbors, to mow the lawn while they’re in the hospital, to take meals to elderly neighbors while they are shut in, to work with those that are unfortunately have been victims of human trafficking,” Blackburn said. “You’re going to hear a lot about how people step up and help their neighbors, how they work together to improve their communities, to make areas better and make their neighborhoods better. That I think is what you’ll hear.”

She also said that Biden has been a failure in his nearly 50 years in national politics, whereas Trump is a fighter for the American worker.

“What you’re going to hear from President Trump is that he loves the American people and he loves to be president and fighting for them, being their voice every single day,” Blackburn said. “Joe Biden has been in Washington, DC, for 50 years. Joe Biden is the kind of guy who has one or two years of experience 50 different times because he never has accomplished anything that is significant. Because of that he feels like he needs to go plead a case that if you can just give him one more chance—just one more chance—then he can go hit a home run. But the American people know with the agony, with the despair, the anger, the bitterness, and the lack of belief in the American people, the lack of belief that America’s best days are in front of us, if they’re going to choose a team they’re not going to choose Joe Biden’s team. They are with President Donald Trump.”


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