Donald Trump: Joe Biden Ignored Antifa—’If the Mob Rules, Democracy Is Indeed Dead’

Getty Images/AFP/Amy Osborne

President Donald Trump on Monday criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for failing to condemn the violent leftist group Antifa by name.

“If he can’t name the problem, he can’t solve the problem,” Trump said.

The president reacted to Biden’s speech in which the former Vice President blamed President Trump for the leftist-sparked violence in America’s major cities throughout the spring and summer.

“When you surrender to the mob, you don’t get freedom, you get fascism,” Trump said.

The president described Antifa as a “left-wing domestic terror organization,” noting that they were committed to waging violence in order to force through their agenda.

“This is how terrorist organizations have always operated,” Trump said.

He criticized Biden for giving “moral aid and comfort” to the rioters and the vandals by refusing to condemn the violence.

He also accused Biden of surrendering to the violent left by using “mob talking points.”

“The mob will leave you alone if you give them what they want … but it doesn’t work that way, because once you give, they keep taking, taking, taking,” Trump said.

The president accused leftist Democrat prosecutors, politicians, and local officials of refusing to prosecute violent leftists and the organizers of the riots.

“In America, we will never surrender to mob rule, because if the mob rules, then democracy is dead,” Trump said.


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