Watch: Teacher Screams at ‘B*tch Ass’ Police Officers: ‘I Can’t F**king Control’ My Temper

A self-described educator attended Wednesday night’s Black Lives Matter protests in the nation’s capital and screamed at a line of police officers, warning them that she can no longer control her temper.

Demonstrators gathered in D.C. late Wednesday to protest the police-involved shooting of 18-year-old Deon Kay, who was shot after fleeing police officers and pulling out a gun, according to authorities.

Angry activists gathered outside the city’s 7th District police precinct and berated a line of police officers. One of the protesters identified herself as a teacher as she screamed at officers and warned them that she could no longer control her temper.

“I’m a teacher. I’m a teacher. I’m a teacher,” she said, pounding her chest. “I’m celebrating my birthday.”

She continued in an angry tirade, touting her credentials as an educator.

“I’m educating unlike you bitch. You’re hurting people,” she said, telling one of the officers that if he has a “bitch ass son,” she is “educating him.”

“My two or three-year-old student wondering where their teacher are. Your teacher is in the fucking central cell block bleeding to death from a fucking bitch ass police officer cause he couldn’t control his temper,” she continued. “Now I fucking can’t control mine.”

Police released the bodycam footage of the police-involved shooting on Thursday, which showed the suspect, Deon Kay, brandishing a weapon.


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