Video: Black Lives Matter Activists Harass Diners in Rochester

Rochester Restaurants

Black Lives Matter activists confronted and harassed diners in Rochester, New York, on Friday night after police released a video of a man who died in custody.

Multiple videos show patrons dining outdoors when dozens of agitators swarmed the restaurant:

The objective, apparently, was “shutting down restaurants.” Patrons fled as the demonstrators climbed over railings and entered the eatery to disrupt a quiet Friday evening.

Videos posted by local reporter Geoffery Rogers showed tables and glasses being thrown by the rioters:

Multiple fires were set:

Similar to a tactic used in Portland and Seattle, rioters threw lit fireworks at police officers:

Maranie R. Staab captured a white woman raging on police, pointing her finger and lecturing them:

“You guys do not serve our city,” she shouted as several officers stood still at an intersection.

“It is disgusting that you cannot say, ‘black lives matter!’ You are on the wrong side of history! You are on the wrong side of history,” she raged, gritting her teeth.

“And I don’t believe in hell, but if there is one, you guys are going to it,” she declared. “You will see your maker!”

At least one resident did not seem to appreciate the battle that was playing out in the streets of Rochester:

“Go home!” he shouted in the middle of the street to the black-clad agitators.

“Sign up and become a Rochester city police officer if you have a better idea!”

He asked how they were helping society. No one responded.

After one rioter told him to “shut the f*ck up,” the man did not back down.

The agitators then tussled with themselves after one challenged the man.

The rioting and destruction came after police released a video of Daniel Prude sitting nude in the street with a bag over his head in late March.

Joe Prude had called police after his brother fled his home and told the responding officer “Daniel was on the drug PCP and was hallucinating earlier in the day,” according to CNN.

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