Steve Bullock Releases Ad Touting Support from Women after Sexual Misconduct Allegation Resurfaces

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (AP PhotoMatt Volz)
AP Photo/Matt Volz

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D), who is running for Senate against Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), released an ad on Monday touting women’s support for him after accusations of sexual misconduct resurfaced.

Accusations of sexual misconduct resurfaced, which led to Bullock to release an ad detailing how many women support him.

Nathan Brand, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), said on Monday, “Democrat Steve Bullock released an ad this morning featuring his taxpayer-funded staff telling voters that he treats women well.”

He asked rhetorically, “Why? Local press reminded voters of Bullock’s women issues.”

Bullock reportedly has had several problems with women, including, according to the NRSC:

  • Gov. Angela McLean, who Bullock forced out of her job under a cloud of suspicion because she knew about the governor’s dirty secrets
  • Kevin O’Brien’s victims, who Bullock didn’t speak out about, allowing for O’Brien to take another job only to harass again
  • Meg O’Leary, who was Bullock’s Commerce Director and allegedly had a relationship with the governor
  • Wendie Fredrickson, who was a former state employee that was pushed out of her job because she raised concerns about fraud
  • George Washington University student, who alleged Bullock grabbed her butt at a Democrat gala in Washington, DC
  • Elsie Arntzen, who is Montana’s female Superintendent of Public Instruction who has alleged that Bullock is unwilling to work with her because she is a female
  • The women in Bullock’s office, who he only pays 84 cents for every dollar he pays men, despite repeatedly celebrating “Women’s Equality Day.”

The NRSC released an ad in October detailing how Bullock reportedly knew that Kevin O’Brien was harassing women and did nothing.

“His failure to act made sure he protected himself while more women had to suffer,” the NSRC wrote.

Brand said in a statement on Monday that Montanans know the truth about Bullock’s troubled past with women.

“Bullock can pay staffers with tax dollars to appear in campaign commercials, but Montanans know the truth about his questionable record with women,” Brand said.

“Montanans deserve straight answers from Bullock on his inappropriate behavior with women and his failure to protect victims.”

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