‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Dave Bautista: Trump Voters Are ‘Small Crowds of Idiots’

Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures
Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures

In April, Marvel movie star, former WWE champion, and Smirnoff Seltzer pitchman Dave Bautista called Trump voters “brain dead” people. The smears continued this week, with him telling his 1.4 million Twitter followers that supporters of President Trump are just “small crowds of idiots.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy Star slammed President Trump’s supporters, saying, “Only the small crowds of idiots willing to sit through your bad comedy routines are buying your shit anymore, Biff. Americans are voting by the millions. You’re exposed. You can’t lie your way out of it. There’s too many dead Americans. You’re fired.”

A few days before, Dave Bautista attacked people for supporting Donald Trump’s children. “Sorry, man! It really doesn’t get stranger than seeing average Americans rally around Trump’s kids! It’s the most cult-like shit ever!!” he wrote, as flagged by BoundingIntoComics.com.

These are just two of literally an avalanche of tweets attacking President Trump and his supporters and voters flooding Bautista’s Twitter account.

The Dune star also recently said he had a hard time understanding why anyone would pray for Trump’s recovery from the coronavirus. In an October 2 tweet, Bautista noted how he could not believe it that people were wishing “fascist” Trump a “speedy recovery” from the Wuhan flu.

In another screed, Bautista said that Trump would love it if his “disciples” would “gun down anyone who opposes” Trump.

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