Melania Trump Campaigns with Donald Trump: We Are a Country of Hope, Not Fear or Weakness

Right Side Broadcasting Network

First Lady Melania Trump joined President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday.

“We are a country of hope, not a country of fear and weakness and we have a leader who shows us that every single day,” she said.

The president and the first lady took the stage together as Melania introduced her husband with a speech promoting his re-election.

“I hope that what I have to say will prove to you that a vote for President Trump is a vote for a better America,” she said.

Melania Trump said the media only delivered hate and negativity about her husband, in particular on the issue of the Chinese coronavirus. She also criticized tech companies for censoring opposing views on their platforms.

“This president and his team are focused on not only destroying the virus and building back the economy, they’re focused on ways for people to stop isolating and start gathering with friends again on a safe distances,” she said. “This is about mental health as much as it is about physical.”

The first lady also criticized Democrats for spreading doubts about the coronavirus vaccine under development.

“A Vaccine is not a partisan issue,” she said. “If you are not supporting the safe production of a vaccine, you are not supporting the health and safety of the American people.

Melania Trump said that the president would continue fighting for the health and safety of the American people, reopen the economy, get children back in school, and keeping communities safe and secure.

“Under Donald’s leadership we have blocked out the noise and focused on you the American people,” she said. “Under my husband’s leadership. Our nation is respected again.”


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