Nolte: Police Union Tells Embattled New York Subway Riders ‘You’re on Your Own’

new york subway
Mitchell Trotter via Unsplash

The head of the NYPD’s largest union issued a stark warning to subway riders Friday amid the recent rash of shoving incidents by unhinged assailants: You’re on your own, reports the New York Post.

Since October 19, so we’re talking about just a little over a month, on four occasions now, unsuspecting subway riders have been ambushed from behind, pushed on to the subway tracks while waiting for a train.

If you wait for a subway in New York, you are highly vulnerable. You are standing on a platform with no barrier, no gate between you and a four foot drop to the subway track. You’re standing inches from where ae speeding train will pull up and come to a fast stop.

Liliana Sagbaicela, 40-year-old housekeeper, was shoved in front a moving trail late last week. The fact she escaped with minor injuries, that she fell unconscious and the train passed over her, is being called a miracle.

That same week, a 36-year-old UPS worker was shoved on to the tracks after he refused to give another man money. The suspect has been arrested for attempted murder.

The week prior, a 29-year-old man was shoved on to the tracks from behind and managed to climb back on to the platform with only minor injuries.

In late October,  a 28-year-old woman was suddenly pushed from behind onto the tracks in what police describe as an unprovoked attack.

Add to that a mid-November incident where a 60-year-old woman was beaten, repeatedly punched in the face and body, when she tried to stop two men from entering the elevator she was on. Apparently, she didn’t want them on the elevator with her because they were not wearing masks.  Obviously, she was in the wrong in telling them to exit the elevator.

If she’s wearing a mask, she should not care if anyone else is. If she does care, she should exit the elevator. Nevertheless, in a sane world, the two men would have rolled their eyes at her and waited for the next elevator, as opposed to assaulting her.

Between this and the left-wing terrorists rioting, looting,  and assaulting, and the reports of giant rats, it looks like the Joker movie knew what was coming.

According to Police Benevolent Association president Pat Lynch, the “politicians have made it abundantly clear that they don’t want cops enforcing transit system rules, connecting the homeless with services, engaging with seriously mentally ill people or doing any of the things necessary to prevent these terrifying random attacks.”

“While our elected leaders are closing their eyes and wishing the problem away, we recommend that all New Yorkers keep both eyes wide open while in our transit system,” he added.

Most, if not all of these shoving attacks are being blamed on people who are mentally ill but also a sense of lawlessness that’s crept over the city ever since far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio caved to the terrorists in Black Lives Matter. People who shouldn’t be released on bail are being released. Law enforcement is being told to ignore small crimes, like subway jumpers who do not pay their fares, and a sense of lawlessness has taken over the city, especially the subway tunnels.

What saved New York 25 years ago was then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s broken windows police, a policy where law enforcement created a law-abiding atmosphere by enforcing the law — even small laws like loitering. The idea being that if you see a building with broken windows, you are going to think it’s okay to throw a few rocks yourself.  If there are no broken windows, you don’t even consider picking up a rock.

So imagine what the subway system must be like when there are no consequences for leaping over the turnstile without paying your fare.

That’s a broken window that tells others there is no authority, that you can do whatever you like, and now four people have been shoved on to the subway tracks because Democrats want this chaos, want this violence.

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