Chinese State-Owned Media Editor Calls Sen. Marsha Blackburn a ‘B*tch’

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The European Union bureau chief and columnist for Chinese-state run media outlet China Daily lodged a profane insult at U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Thursday in a tweet.

Blackburn, a respected conservative senator who is a hawk on China tweeted Thursday, “China has a 5,000 year history of cheating and stealing. Some things will never change…”

Chen Weihua, EU Bureau Chief and columnist for China Daily, then responded to her tweet with, “B*tch”:

Chen then followed up with another tweet that said, “This is the most racist and ignorant US Senator I have seen. A lifetime b*tch”:

Chen later retweeted his one-word reply to Blackburn.

Blackburn responded a couple of hours later in a statement.

“From Tiananmen Square to the Uyghur genocide, Communist China is an expert at slaughtering populations. America will not bow down to sexist communist thugs,” she said.

Breitbart News’ James P. Pinkerton profiled Chen in May. He wrote:

Chen Weihua works for the government-owned China Daily, reliably cranking out articles with headlines such as “White House must concentrate on fighting outbreak, not China-bashing” and “Washington must stop making decisions which undermine WHO.”

In other words, his journalistic output nicely coincides with the People’s Republic of China’s propaganda plans, from deflecting blame for the coronavirus away from Beijing to defending Beijing’s minions at the World Health Organization.

Chen has previously tweeted, “Trump and Pompeo are not even good liars.”

Pinkerton noted that Chen bashes the president and his administration reliably, but also “eagerly” echoes top Democrats and leading Never Trumpers.

Chen has also called Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), another leading China hawk in the Senate, “ignorant.”

Hawley responded, “#China not happy about my call to confront their economic imperialism by ending the WTO & replacing it with system that’s good for American workers. I love being insulted by #China state-run press.”

Pinkerton noted that Chen has been the beneficiary of many liberal programs in the U.S.

Chen lists on his blue-checkmark verified Twitter bio he was a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford and a World Press Institute Fellow at Macalester College in Minnesota. He also listed the Freedom Forum in Washington, DC.

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