Donald Trump: Democrat Push for 25th Amendment Will ‘Haunt’ Joe Biden

Right Side Broadcasting Network

President Donald Trump warned President-elect Joe Biden Tuesday that the Democrat push to invoke the 25th Amendment would backfire.

“The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration,” Trump said. “As the expression goes, be careful what you wish for.”

Pelosi and House Democrats plan to vote on a resolution Tuesday calling for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from power after a group of his supporters stormed Capitol Hill to disrupt the proceedings to certify President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.

Trump spoke about their effort while visiting the Southern border in Texas to highlight the 450th mile of border wall structures.

He frequently claimed during the presidential campaign that Democrats would use the 25th Amendment to replace Biden with Sen. Kamala Harris.

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris,” Trump wrote on Twitter in September. “The Dems want that to happen fast because Sleepy Joe is out of it!!!”

Pence has already indicated that he has no intention of trying to invoke the 25th Amendment against President Trump.

Democrats plan to move to impeach President Trump on Wednesday if Pence does not act to remove Trump.

But Trump warned Democrats that pursuing impeachment would only further divide Americans.

“The impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witch hunt in the history of our country and is causing tremendous anger and division and pain,” he said, warning that it would inflict division “far greater than most people will understand” at a “tender time” for the United States.

The president condemned the violence from the riots last week and reminded politicians that he stood for law and order and respect for police officers.

“As I have consistently said throughout my administration, we believe in respecting America’s history and traditions, not tearing them down,” he said, adding, “We believe in the rule of law, not in violence or rioting.”

Trump blamed the coronavirus for a “very, very difficult year” in 2020 and urged Democrats and Republicans to work together to heal the country.

“Now is time for our nation to heal, and it’s time for peace and for calm,” he said. “Respect for law enforcement and the great people is the foundation of the MAGA agenda. And we’re a nation of law and we’re a nation of order.”


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