Joe Biden Predicts 500,000 Deaths from Coronavirus, Months to Turn Around Pandemic

The White House

President Joe Biden said Thursday that he expected the coronavirus pandemic to get worse for months.

“Things are going to continue to get worse before they get better,” Biden said, noting again that he expected a “dark winter” of coronavirus cases and deaths.

He predicted 500,000 deaths in the United States from the virus and that it would take months to turn around the pandemic.

“We didn’t get into this mess overnight and it’s going to take months for us to turn things around,” he said.

Biden assured Americans that he would take the coronavirus more seriously, raising up a 198-page plan for everyone to see, boasting that it was based on “facts” and “data.”

The president signed over ten executive order documents that he promised would help combat the pandemic.

Biden spoke for several minutes about the pandemic but said that in the future he would rely more on government medical experts to share the news about the pandemic.

“We will make sure that scientists and public health experts will speak directly to you. That’s why you’re going to hear a lot more from Dr. Fauci again,” he said.

When one reporter questioned Biden if the goal of 100 million vaccine shots completed within 100 days, was big enough, Biden snapped back.

“When I announced it you said it was not possible,” he said. “C’mon, give me a break, man.”


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