Democrat Activist Accuses County Commissioner of ‘Shoving Assault Rifle in My Face’ During Virtual Meeting

Grand Traverse County Commissioner Ron Clous holds a rifle at his home during a county com
Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners,

A liberal activist was demanding a northern Michigan county commission denounce the Proud Boys when a commissioner held a gun during a Wednesday virtual meeting.

Keli MacIntosh was calling on the Grand Traverse County Commission to be critical of the group, which does not have a presence in the area.

“Welcoming such a group and having that message go out has changed the environment of northern Michigan from a hunting culture to a gun culture,” MacIntosh said during the virtual meeting, ABC 7 reported.

During MacIntosh’s brief remarks, which were made during a public comment period, commission vice chairman Ron Clous left his seat and moments later returned with a rifle.

He sat down with it across his lap for about four seconds, before setting it near his feet.

MacIntosh, who did not initially respond, told the news station, “I am asking for a statement and his response was shoving an assault rifle in my face.”

The commissioner never pointed the gun at the computer screen.

“This symbolic message to the proud boys the Michigan militia that our county commissioners think it’s all right to brandish their firearms,” MacIntosh told ABC 7. “I think they should have their powers taken away from them.”

“I looked up and Commissioner Clous at that point picked up his six-hour (sic) rifle and just held it briefly and then set it down,” commission chairman Rob Hentschel said.

ABC 7 reporter Brittney Buti most likely meant “Sig Sauer,” not “six-hour,” in her story.

“So I assumed he was agreeing with her and it made me chuckle, like OK that’s a bold statement to agree, but OK,” Hentschel said.

MacIntosh was upset that the commission had previously passed a resolution declaring Grand Traverse a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

The activist falsely accused the man spearheading the sanctuary county effort, Randy Bishop, of being a member of the Proud Boys.

According to Mlive, MacIntosh said because Bishop spoke during a public comment period that it “was symbolic ‘permission’ for the group to commit violence at the U.S. Capitol and the Michigan Capitol.”

“He said he was going to make a statement about the Second Amendment rights and that’s why he had picked it up and he decided, we had two hours of public, he decided not to say anything at all,” Hentschel told ABC 7. “If you know Mr. Clouse he’s a very nice man and there’s really nothing threatening about Ron Clous.”

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