***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial Day Two

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 9: In this screenshot taken from a congress.gov webcast, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) – lead manager for the impeachment speaks on the first day of former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial at the U.S. Capitol on February 9, 2021 in Washington, DC. House impeachment managers …
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Former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial  continues on Wednesday. House Managers will have up to 16 hours over two days to present their case against the former president.

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7:40 PM: Senate adjourned until noon.

7:30 PM: Senate ready to recess until tomorrow morning. But they are in a parliamentary debate as Sen. Lee wants stricken from the record a report that stated that Lee could tell that Trump wanted Tuberville to delay the certification process. Raskin withdraws the report without prejudice because it’s “much ado about nothing.”

7:15 PM: Castro says the insurgents predicted that the Trump would actually command the National Guard to help them. He says Trump did not send help to the police officers who were outnumbered and being beaten. Castro says Trump was “disengaged” in discussions with Pentagon officials to deploy the National Guard. He rips Trump for his “dereliction of duty,” and says Pence was the one who reportedly spoke to the Guard because Trump was “out of it.” He says Trump never referenced the National Guard on Jan. 6.

7:10 PM: Castro says only Trump could has the stopped the attack and didn’t. He plays a clip of Kinzinger saying Trump’s ego got in the way because he couldn’t handle losing the White House like the small man that he is.

7:05 PM: Castro says the rioters were following Trump’s tweets.

6:55 PM: Castro now up using Trump’s anti-Pence tweets to show that Trump just wanted to further incite the mob hours into the attack, even against his own vice president whose life was being threatened. He says “that mob was paying attention” Trump as they were following his tweets.

6:50 PM: Cicilline says the only call Trump made during the insurrection was a call to Tuberville, whom he wanted to help him delay certification. He says that was the only thing Trump cared about. He calls it breathtaking violation of his duty and oath.

6:41 PM: Cicilline says Trump, as reported by sources, was “delighted” at the violence unfolding on his television screen because it meant the “certification was being derailed.” He mentions, according to accounts, Trump was “confused” about why other people weren’t as giddy as he was. He says Trump’s actions “genuinely freaked people out.”

6:31 PM: Cicilline says Trump did not once condemn the attack or the attackers. He says the only person he condemned that day was Pence, who was hiding in the building with his family in fear for his life. He says, by all accounts, Trump was “delighted.” He says for 40 minutes while pipe bombs were being found and supporters were storming the Capitol, Trump said nothing. He says the first thing Trump did was tweet highlights of his speech that incited the mob. He says Trump did nothing to protect Congress as commander-in-chief. He didn’t even tell his supporters to stop.

6:30 PM: Trial resumes. Democrats will remind Senators what Trump was doing during the insurrection, doing everything to stoke it and nothing to stop it.

5:30 PM: Senate in recess until 6:15 PM.

5:20 PM: Swalwell shows body camera footage of an officer being attacked. He says the attack on police that afternoon was constant, noting the footage he was showing was from two hours after the Capitol was first breached. He shows video of an officer being bludgeoned before Senate goes into recess until 6:15 PM.

5:10 PM: Swalwell tells Senators they were just 58 steps away from where rioters were amassing. He  shows videos of rioters rummaging through desks and taking photos of documents on the Senate floor. He asks Senators what the rioters could have done with flex cuffs had they gotten in the chamber minutes earlier.


4:55 PM: Swalwell back up showing more security videos of rioters pushing through a line of police officers. He shows video of rioter Babbit trying to climb through a window to get into the House chambers and being shot and killed.

4:45 PM: Plaskett says rioters also wanted to kill Pelosi and shows how close rioters were to breaking into the room Pelosi’s staffers went into for safety.

4:35 PM: Plaskett says rioters were there to “execute” and “hang” Mike Pence. She shows videos of Pence being evacuated as Goodman divers rioters away from the Senate chamber.

4:25 PM: Plaskett showing security video of rioters breaking windows and entering the Capitol. She says she was at the Capitol in 9/11 and that’s what she thought of when she saw the security video. And she talks about insurgents attacking the Capitol, incited by Trump, to try to overturn the results of a legitimate election. Plaskett shows video of Officer Goodman telling Romney to turn around and get to a safer place.

4:22 PM: Plaskett says while Pence was being evacuated from the Senate chamber, rioters were breaking into the Capitol.

4:11 PM: Trial resumes as Plaskett is back up making her presentation. Raskin had warned there is “graphic footage” in the new video the Democrats will play soon. She is focusing on Pence, saying Trump convinced his supporters that Pence somehow had the authority to overturn the election. She says Pence had the courage to uphold the Constitution. She says “that is patriotism.” Plaskett says that patriotism is what put Pence in so much danger from the mob Trump sent to the Capitol. She says Pence was the direct target of their rage.

3:45 PM: Senate now in recess for 15 minutes.

3:35 PM: Dean says Trump encouraged his supporters to attack Members of Congress after lying to his supporters that he would march with them before scurrying back to the White House. She says Trump’s speech spanned almost 11,000 words and only used “peaceful”(or any suggestion of non-violence) one time. She says Trump used “fight” 20 times in the speech. They counted every word. She plays footage of Trump supporters yelling “take the Capitol” during his speech.

3:25 PM: She says Trump’s “desperation” was in full force leading up to Jan. 6. She says Trump tweeted 34 times and was “relentless” and everything centered around his “drumbeat” to motivate, anger, incite his supporters. She is dissecting Trump’s speech at the Jan. 6 rally, saying it was used to incite his supporters.

3:20 PM: Dean back up, saying that Jan 6. is “etched in everyone’s memories.” She wants to share her experience on that day. She says there was a breach of the Capitol grounds as she was observing the Arizona challenge. She describes a “terrifying banging” on the doors and Reps. urged to get gas masks. She says for Trump, “it was a very different day.”

3:07 PM: Plaskett says Trump was “orchestrating” the “cavalry,” and that is why they weren’t shy about what they intended to do in “public forums.” She says the rally permit only got adjusted after Trump and his White House team got involved. She claims organizers and Trump allies urged people they knew were “violent” to attend the January 6 event. She claims Trump advisers were monitoring Reddit posts that called for violence, war, storming the Capitol.

2:55 PM: Plaskett points out Trump tweeted a video of his supporters trying to run Biden-Harris campaign workers off the road with “fight song” music and tweeted, “I love Texas.” She says Trump talked about the incident at a Michigan rally and “cultivated” supporters who were “standing by.” She says the Proud Boys created merchandise featuring Trump’s “stand by” comments.

2:40 PM: Del. Plaskett of the Virgin Islands now up for the Democrats. She says Trump incited a mob to storm the Capitol and hoped the violent insurrection would help him hold onto power after he ran out of non-violent options. She says it is false that Trump could not have known how violent the mob could have been because “the violence was foreseeable.”

She says Trump knew the people he was inciting and knew the violence they were capable of…She says Trump never condemned them and the insurgents believed they were following Trump’s orders.

2:35 PM: Lieu says even former Attorney General Bill Barr resigned because he couldn’t go along with Trump’s election fraud nonsense. He says Trump kept running out of non-violent options and then had to turn on Pence. Lieu says, as a veteran, he finds it “dishonorable” that Trump equated patriotism with violating the Constitution. He says Pence showed us what it means to be an American and to show courage by putting the country and his oath above the will of one man.

2:25 PM: Lieu will continue to highlight Trump’s desperate efforts to cling to power. He asks how did it get to the point where rioters desecrated and defiled “your Senate chamber.” He says we got here because Trump got rid of non-violent options to hold onto power.

2:15 PM: Dean says Trump’s attacks on Republican officials had consequences, as people like GA Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger received death threats. She says Trump was willing to throw his supporters under the bus if they got in his way to retain the White House.

2:06 PM: Rep. Dean (D-PA) says she, along with Rep. Lieu (D-CA), will present the actions of a “desperate” president. She goes over Trump’s frivolous lawsuits and highlights that he called into state legislative meetings.

2:05 PM: Trial resumes, and Raskin says Democrats will detail Trump’s “desperate attempts” to “stop the steal.”

1:40 PM: Senate now in 15-minute recess.

1:32 PM: Swalwell says Trump spent $50 million on ads until January 5th. He says the ads rallied the mob, cavalry.

1:30 PM: Swalwell says Trump prepared his supporters for an “act of war” on January 6.

1:20 PM: Swalwell says Trump did anything he could so his supporters could “fight like hell” to overturn a legitimate election. He says it was never about vote-counting to him.

1:08 PM: Castro points out Trump kept saying “stop the count,” and he says that’s what it looks like when Trump wants to stop something.

1:05 PM: Castro says Trump was afraid he was going to lose the election and started saying the only way he could lose is if the election was rigged. He asks what politician has said that about their own election…

12:57 PM: Rep. Castro (D-TX) now up, saying a lie can do “incredible damage and destruction.” He says this is incredibly true when told by the president of the United States. He says the attack “didn’t happen by accident” and the mob was “provoked over many months by Donald J. Trump.” He says the attack was “foreseeable” and “preventable.”

12:55 PM: Neguse says the rioters would have killed Pence had they gotten the chance.

12:45 PM: Neguse says the mob was waiting for “orders” from Trump to begin fighting. He says they had been “primed” for this over many months because of Trump. He plays video of Trump supporters saying they were in D.C. on that they because Trump wanted them to be there. He says rioters/defendants have confessed in court that they were just taking orders from Trump.


12:35 PM: Neguse says Trump feared he could lose the elections and started planting the seeds for what he could claim was a “rigged election” to save himself from being embarrassed if he lost as an incumbent. Neguse says Trump tried to intimidate Pence and, when that failed, amplified the “stop the steal” and “fight like hell” rhetoric.

12:31 PM: Neguse says Trump had the power to stop the mob, and he didn’t. Neguse asks when in the country’s history has a speech led thousands to storm the Capitol and kill police officers. He says it wasn’t just a speech and “it didn’t just happen.” Neguse says Trump’s words in that speech, just like the mob’s actions, were “carefully chosen” and had a very specific meaning to that crowd.

12:30 PM:

12:25 PM: Raskin says Trump did something much worse than shouting fire in a movie theater. He says Trump was a fire chief urging the crowd to set fires. He quotes late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: “You can’t ride with the cops and root for the robbers.”

12:23 PM: Raskin warns House Mangers will show a graphic video and will give a warning beforehand so parents and teachers could shield children who may be watching.

12:18 PM: Raskin says Trump committed a “massive crime” against the Constitution and the American people and must be convicted by the United States Senate.

12:13 PM: Raskin says the “inciter-in-chief” was sympathizing with the insurrectionists and was gleefully cheering the rioters while watching them like a “reality show” at the White House. He points out that Trump said he loved the rioters and called them “very special.” Raskin says January 6 is a day that will live in “disgrace in American history” unless you ask Donald Trump, who tweeted more grievances before going to bed.

12:06 PM: Raskin says the evidence will show that Trump was the “inciter-in-chief” of a “dangerous insurrection.” He calls it the “greatest betrayal of the presidential oath in the history of the United States.” Raskin says Trump “completely abdicated his duty as commander-in-chief” to protect the Capitol and defend the Constitution.

12:03 PM: Raskin, the lead impeachment manager, leads off as House Democrats make their case against the former president.

12:01 PM: The second day of the trial against former president Trump is about to get started.

11:50 AM: House Managers getting ready to present “devastating” new video footage.


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