Democrat New York State Assemblyman Calls on Congress to Investigate Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Kim Cuomo, Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Democrat New York state Assemblyman Ron Kim upped his criticism of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) Wednesday and urged Congress to investigate the governor’s nursing home policy.

Kim blasted Cuomo and urged transparency regarding the governor’s policy that put coronavirus patients in nursing homes, infecting the most vulnerable population.

“We are also requesting that Congressmember Jerry Nadler (D-NY) today to officially open a congressional oversight hearing on this matter,” he said to applause.

Brooklyn councilman Brad Lander said the government failed the families of elderly nursing home patients and that they are owed an apology.

“Government failed these families. We failed in that executive order. We failed to make sure those nursing homes were safe places for your families,” he said.

“On behalf of New York’s government, we failed. We owe you, for a start, an apology. And the governor owes you that, too,” Lander said, looking at the assembled families.

“It is not the end of what he owes for sure, but it’s a starting place,” he said.

Lander argued Cuomo, author of the book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, needs to admit he made a mistake and “it cost lives.”

Kim has been relentlessly attacking his fellow Democrat over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, Kim told The View that Cuomo “should be asking himself” whether he should resign the governorship and said his Assembly colleagues have been asking about impeachment proceedings.

“Taking his powers is not good enough,” he said, referring to a movement to strip the governor of his emergency powers.

“It’s going to expire anyways. What are the next steps? So, right now, we’re actively talking [about] what that looks like,” he said.

“And people have also asked me, should he resign? And I think Cuomo himself should be asking himself that question at this moment.”

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