Democrat Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon Detained Outside Georgia Governor’s Office

Georgia Legislator Detained

Georgia State Patrol officers detained a Democrat member of the Georgia House of Representatives on Thursday after she interrupted the signing of an election integrity bill by Gov. Brian Kemp (R).

According to individuals’ featured footage shared to social media, state Rep. Park Cannon was detained by officers on the scene after she “knocked on the governor’s door.”

“Stop! Where are you taking me,” Cannon shouted as officers escorted her through the halls of the Georgia state Capitol.

“What did she do? Can you cite the code,” one individual said to officers as Rep. Cannon was being taken away from the scene.

Another video shared to social media shows Rep. Cannon being escorted through a security measure and outside of the state capitol.

“Why am I under arrest. There is no reason for for me to be arrested. I amnestying a legislator. Do not touch me. Why are there three officers touching me? I am not doing anything. I am literally not doing anything.”

Prior to Cannon being detained, she was warned by officers not to knock on the governor’s door after she had already done so. Previous footage shows Cannon and others standing nearby taunting officers, with one individual saying, “You said you’d give her one more time like you’re going to do something.”

Shortly after that statement, Cannon was detained and escorted out of the building, leaving nearby activists shocked that the officer followed through with his promise of preventing Cannon from knocking on the door once more.

“She is not under arrest,” an individual stated as Cannon was being detained. “Why is she under arrest?”

“Why does the governor have more power than a representative,” asked one individual near the scene, telling officers to “cite the code.”

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