Watch: Double-Masked Pete Buttigieg Rides Bike with Gas-Guzzling Security SUV in Tow

"A year into @limebike ’s time in South Bend we’ve had nearly 300,000 rides and over 40,000 individual riders. Today we celebrated by announcing a pilot for dockless bike share parking at three locations around the City." @PeteButtigieg/Twitter

A double-masked Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was filmed riding his bike in Washington, D.C., Thursday with a gas-guzzling security SUV following close behind.

The Joe Biden appointee, who has made battling “climate change” and systemic racism centerpieces of the Department of Transportation agenda, was filmed by CNN reporter DJ Judd biking to the White House for the Cabinet meeting:

While Buttigieg’s face is never visible — thanks in part to him sporting two masks while outside — the video begins with his bike being unloaded from a security vehicle. An agent, who at one point speaks into his lapel, secures the bike rack on the rear of the SUV.

Buttigieg eventually mounted the bike and the SUV followed close behind.

The biker’s clothing appeared to match what Buttigieg was wearing at the White House meeting:

In the early days of the administration, Buttigieg was spotted riding a bike in the District.

In February, Politico reporter Michael Stratford shared a video of a slightly wobbly Buttigieg riding his bike through the Navy Yard area of the city:

Two other riders were with the newly confirmed secretary. It was not clear if they are security agents.

Boston Globe reporter Jazmine Ulloa said in March, Buttigieg used a four-SUV motorcade to purchase a used bike:

The bike seller “said he was waiting for the person when a couple of government SUVs pulled up and then a couple more — and then, out pops Pete Buttigieg.”

The man sold a “hybrid commuter” to the secretary. It is not clear if he rode it, or the SUV hauled it back to his home.

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