Woke Superintendent Places ‘Conditions,’ ‘Expectations’ on Anti-CRT Parent’s Attendance at Graduation

Jeff Porter, Maine School Superintendent
MSAD #51

The “racial-equity” focused superintendent of the Cumberland-North Yarmouth, Maine school district, who referred to an outspoken anti-woke parent as “vile” and denied his entry into his daughters’ graduation, said the father may attend the ceremony only if he meets certain “conditions” and “expectations.”

“Essentially, he gave me a word salad,” Shawn McBreairty told Breitbart News on Thursday, adding he will appear on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday night.

“I’ve not done everything right, okay,” he said. “But what happened is I had a dissenting opinion and I was cancelled for it, and I was just probably too stubborn to let them do that and I pushed back twice as hard.”

McBreairty explained he noted condescension in Porter’s “approval.”

“So, Porter sends an email and says, ‘Hey, I’m gonna let you go to graduation, if you’re a good boy,’” he continued. “And frankly, I’m going to come up with some conditions to this two weeks from now and, and I don’t know that I’m not going to be in handcuffs, am I going to be in a squad car, am I going to be parked out in the left field?”

Superintendent Jeff Porter of Maine Administrative School District (MASD) #51 wrote to Breitbart News following a report Monday that detailed the battle between Porter (pictured) and his allies on the school board and McBreairty.

The superintendent forwarded his email correspondence with McBreairty Wednesday:

Mr. McBreairty:

I am tentatively approving your request to attend the GHS graduation on June 6, with conditions. I will get those conditions to you in the next week or so prior to graduation, which will include expectations to be followed at the event. In the meantime, your continued adherence to the criminal trespass order is necessary.

As a superintendent, I have good reason not to let you attend this event. However, as a parent I believe that granting this request is important and have chosen to use this lens in making this exception.

Jeff Porter

Superintendent of Schools

McBreairty told Breitbart News that Porter served him with a criminal trespass order that bans him from school grounds, a situation that has required the parent to seek an exception that he be permitted to attend his twin daughters’ graduation ceremony.

“Mr. McBreairty on several occasions has created disruptions on school property, the latest one week ago,” Porter said in his comments to Breitbart News. “After one year of these disruptions, I asked the police to issue him a criminal trespass order, which they did. This means he is not allowed on school grounds. Graduation is held on school grounds, but he is allowed to request that he attends the ceremony. The ceremony is not for two weeks, thus why he does not yet have an answer.”

The superintendent referred to McBreairty’s outspoken criticism of him and members of the school board and the “equity committee” as “continued harassment” that “has caused a major disturbance in this otherwise quiet community.”

The parent erected a poster sign of a photo of a school board member seated during the Pledge of Allegiance outside his home which is across from the district’s middle school. Board members objected to that but then placed another sign with the words, “Honk to support our school board” in the same location.

McBreairty accused the board of illegally hiring a consultant to assist with education regarding racial equity, as the Press Herald had reported last fall.

“That is a fabrication Mr. McBreairty has concocted,” the superintendent said about the parent’s accusation. “He has harassed anyone connected with equity work in the district, claiming we use this theory in our schools. It is simply untrue.”

Porter referred to McBreairty as “a vile person who has no regard for others.”

“Do not be fooled by him,” he warned.

Porter denied his district uses Critical Race Theory (CRT). However, following the death of George Floyd, the district sent a letter to the community, expressing its “solidarity with Black Movement leaders” and detailing its decision to work with Community Change Inc. (CCI), a Boston-based company that self-describes on Twitter as “a non-profit that challenges systemic racism with a special focus on white people.”

“Can’t dismantle white supremacy without dismantling capitalism,” CCI states.

In response to Porter’s email “tentatively approving” McBreairty’s request to attend his daughters’ graduation, the parent wrote:

Mr. Porter,


1) There will be no conditions placed upon me in attending my daughters graduation ceremonies.  I will be allowed to attend this event in the same regard with every other parent and family member there.

2) I will be attending the 6/1 band concert, also with no conditions.

3) I will have access to visiting the 2021 senior pictures on campus.

4) I demand a written, public apology from you, to be sent as a Press Release by end of day Friday, 5/28 and sent out on all MSAD51 Greely social media. It is time you heal the community you split on 6/2/20.

I request your response by 5pm this evening.

Lack of a response by 5pm will mean to me you are denying these options to my family and thus I’ll move forward appropriately from there.

McBreairty also sent links to the Breitbart News article and one written at the Daily Wire about the conflict.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg on media coming your way and national support aligned with our cause to fight CRT at Greely, the State of Maine and the nation,” the parent wrote.

“I’ll be checking my email at exactly 5pm, looking for your response,” he said. “Again, not a threat, but reality…Choose wisely.”

“I was wrong about you,” Porter responded in turn. “I thought at the end of the day it really was about your kids. If I were in your shoes and had screwed up, I’d take every opportunity to be at my kid’s graduation. Now I know it is all about you and your hatred of racial equity. It always has been.”

“You want to make a name for yourself at everyone else’s expense,” he added. “You own this now. Say hello to Tucker for me.”


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