Documents Show Joe Biden’s Brother Frank Caught Violating Florida Traffic Law, Case Dismissed Due to Police Officer Out for ‘Training’

Francis (Frank) Biden
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Public documents show President Joe Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, was caught speeding in Florida and received no punishment in another example of how the Biden family lives above the law.

Court video reveals the case was dismissed June 16, 2021, because the ticketing police officer was absent from the hearing attending police “training” instead, which began May 15 and ended June 17, one day after the hearing. The traffic stop occurred in January of 2021 in Palm Beach County, Florida.

An attorney told Breitbart News under anonymity that many times a police officer will notify the court for the reason of his absence. Documents show this procedure was performed by the officer but the document shows no timestamp or date of submission to the court.

Nevertheless, a police chase video and corresponding documents show Frank Biden was driving his 2014 white Range Rover, the same car he faced losing in a wrongful death lawsuit more than 20 years ago.

Court documents also indicate Frank Biden hired attorney Joel Mumford, who is a former county chief public defender in Broward County and current lead trial counsel of The Ticket Clinic in Palm Beach County, specializing in DUIs, traffic, and drug cases.

When the case was dismissed due to Officer Gray’s absence, the video of the virtual court proceeding depicts neither Mumford nor Frank Biden present at the June 16 hearing.

The video of the proceeding additionally shows the presiding judge, Robert Gershman, joking with attorney Roger Gottfried about Joe and Frank Biden.

“Joe got a ticket – no, that’s not Joe,” Gottfried said while he continued his paperwork on video, presumably seeing Frank Biden’s name on his documents.

Robert Gershman responded, “Yeah no, no. Although he was on TV this morning in Geneva.”

“He drives fast,” Gottfried shot back.

After another short chat about the cars the Russians drove to the meeting with Biden at the summit in Geneva, Gottfried asked if Officer Gray was attending the preceding.

The video shows the judge granting the motion to dismiss without Officer Gray present.

A search of Palm Beach County records also reveals Frank Biden already had over 15 traffic infractions in Palm Beach County. For instance, Frank Biden was previously caught driving his wife’s Range Rover on January 4, 2020, despite his license having being suspended in Florida on December 23, 2019.

The incident resolving itself on June 16 is not the only trouble Frank Biden has had with the law. Documents show Frank Biden has been arrested at least three times in the past eleven years, including for theft and driving under the influence. The Miami New Times reported on the court documents:

  • Documents reveal Frank Biden pleaded no contest to driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license in August 2003, receiving six months of probation.
  • Also in October 2003, Biden was arrested for petty theft after he was found with two blockbuster DVDs in his pants. “Court records show he failed to appear for a hearing in that case, but documents were not available about the outcome.”
  • In November 2004, public documents show Frank Biden was arrested again for driving with a suspended license and was sentenced to rehab, avoiding a six-month jail sentence, after pleading no contest.

Public documents of the August 2003 incident show Frank Biden was arrested on five charges, including DUI alcohol or drugs, driving without lights, improper turn, driving with a suspended license, and open container violation. According to the probable cause affidavit, Frank Biden hit another vehicle while impaired; once Officer Buttery made contact with Frank Biden, he exhibited signs consistent with being impaired by alcohol.

When Officer Buttery made contact with Frank Biden, the documents say he was standing at the driver’s door with the door open. Biden reportedly had red watery eyes, slurred speech, flushed face, and the odor of alcohol coming from his person, while not knowing where he was or where he came from.

Following initial contact, according to public record, Officer Buttery asked Frank Biden to submit to roadside DUI exercises, which included an HGN test, walk and turn, and finger to nose. Frank Biden failed all three tests, the documents show, almost falling on his fifth attempt of finger to nose.

At this point, documents assert Frank Biden was arrested and asked to submit a breath test. Prior to transport, the documents reveal, a search of his vehicle produced an open container of 375 ML of Popov Vodka.

In an October 2003 incident, public documents from Broward County show Frank Biden was arrested on one charge of petty theft at a Blockbuster in Broward County, Florida.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Officer French was dispatched to the South Pompano Blockbuster due to the report of a theft in progress. Upon arriving, documents allege Deputy Roberts and Officer French made contact with Frank Biden who was causing a disturbance at the cash register.

Per the affidavit, Frank Biden had paid for one DVD but was attempting to steal two DVDs which he had concealed in his pants. However, he was unable to steal the DVDs due to making contact with officers, documents indicate.

Lastly, in November 2003, more documents specify Frank Biden was arrested on a capias for violation of pretrial release for a prior DUI. According to the short arrest form, Officer Coker arrested Frank Biden on an active capias for the DUI charge.


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