Poll: Majority Think Kamala Harris Failing on Border, 62 Percent Consider it ‘Crisis’

An immigrant father grips his children while walking ashore on the bank of the Rio Grande
John Moore/Getty Images

Sixty-two percent of voters believe the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is a “crisis,” according to a Rasmussen Reports poll Wednesday.

The poll also asked, “How would you rate the job Vice President Harris is doing on immigration?”

Sixty-two percent she had done a poor to fair job, with poor being the largest number at a whopping 48 percent. Only 33 percent said she had done a good to excellent job.

Respondents were also asked, “Is the Biden administration’s immigration policy better or worse than former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy? Or is there not much difference in the policy between Biden and Trump?”

Forty-nine percent said the border policies of President Joe Biden and Harris are worse than former President Trump’s, and only 35 percent said they are better.

The polling comes as pro-migration activists and business lobbyists are demanding to Biden’s inner circle that it is politically safe to open the border if they also push back against the GOP’s “border chaos” theme.

Biden’s officials are suggesting they will drop the Title 42 border barrier that was built by President Donald Trump amid the coronavirus crisis.

Biden’s deputies are hinting they will partially drop the barrier in July to let migrant families rejoin their illegal migrant husbands in U.S. cities. They are also suggesting they will drop the barrier in August to let more migrant job-seekers enter the country via the asylum process.

As Breitbart News reported, those changes will likely create massive migration, as many migrants will be allowed to move into U.S. communities in search of jobs and schooling for their children.


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