Watch: Mother Dismantles Radical Race and Gender Curricula at School Board Meeting: ‘One of the Most Vile Episodes in Western Civilization’

Albemarle County Public Schools

A mother speaking at a July 8 school board meeting of Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) in Virginia razed the County’s radical Critical Race Theory and gender theory indoctrination scheme, calling it “one of the most vile episodes in Western civilization,” and telling the board members that “When, not if, but when a girl gets assaulted in a bathroom or playing a sport, you will be held accountable.”

As previously reported by Breitbart News, the “[ACPS school board] decided July 1 to limit public comment at their upcoming July 8 and August 12 meetings as growing opposition to teaching a radical Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum has permeated among parents,” and “each speaker has had to be reduced from three minutes to two minutes.”

Anne Jordan, a mother of a daughter in the ACPS system, did not waste any time condemning the school board for “pushing this evil and harmful agenda.”

“I feel like I am being pushed into having to respond to this because it’s so concerning to me, but, you’re not giving the community adequate time to respond to these massive changes,” she said:

Equity, to me, does not mean equality. It means racism. It’s racism toward kids like my daughter, because it holds them back to ensure that the outcome is favorable to others, not based on any merit, but because of the color of the skin they were born with. That is the definition of racism that Martin Luther King fought against. (Emphasis added).

Jordan continued, explaining, “What you now are pushing, is Freudian Marxist dictatorship. You’re experimenting with our children, and going against thousands of years of human experience.” (Emphasis added).

“This new agenda you are pushing encourages men to abuse women by competing in their female sports and entering their bathrooms,” Jordan asserted. “Men in prisons are already identifying as women, because they can be transferred to women’s prisons. You’re creating a society that will be exploiting our young women and girls.”

“This is a huge criticism of Western civilization, but, what you’re criticizing is exactly what you’re doing,” the mother continued. “You’re creating racism, sexisms, child abuse, and you’re sowing the seeds of hatred between the sexes, races, and ethnicities, and undermining the family unit.” (Emphasis added).

Jordan predicted that “This generation’s agenda will be looked on history as one of the most vile episodes in Western civilization. You are doing this, knowing it is against the will of the parents, and I can assure you that I care more about my daughter than you do.”

“When, not if, but when a girl gets assaulted in a bathroom or playing a sport, you will be held accountable. There should be no limitations on what you should be held accountable for: suicide, self-mutilation, bullying, and harassment,” she continued. “You’re taking away our authority over our children. You’re undermining us with this hateful agenda. And shame on you, the school board of Albemarle County, Virginia, for pushing this evil and harmful agenda, and grooming children to be exploited.”

Jordan’s comments come amid a growing movement in Albemarle County against both Critical Race Theory indoctrination and a new transgender policy proposal that, as Breitbart News has reported, threatens to be “far-reaching and sharply transformative with regard to the interference the school division can play between a child and their parents.”


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