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Arizona Elementary Teacher Leading Strike: ‘Teaching Is Political’

“Teaching is political and silence is complicity,” he posted to his Twitter account in December 2017. “Things more educators should discuss (especially if they work with young (white) men in the classroom in 2018: gender, feminism, and #MeToo, race, gun violence.”

Violence has broken out at some FARC campaign stops -- like this one on February 7 the town of Yumbo, which forced the party's presidential candidate Rodrigo Londono to cancel an appearance

Colombia: FARC Terrorists Cancel Election Campaign After Crowds Pelt Them with Eggs

Members of Colombia’s Marxist FARC terrorist organization – who Bogotá has allowed to field candidates in the 2018 elections – indefinitely suspended all its campaigns on Friday after crowds pelted presidential candidate “Timochenko” with eggs and rocks at his campaign stops, chanting “rapist” and “murderer.”

FARC guerrillas march in column during a review at their camp in the Transitional Standardization Zone in Pondores, La Guajira department, Colombia on April 3, 2017. The Colombian government reported that the FARC guerrillas provided a total list with the names of the 6,084 members of the rebel group who …

Colombia: FARC Terrorists Abduct Ranchers, UN Employee as Peace Deal Kicks In

The Colombian government is preparing to reintegrate members of the FARC Marxist narco-terrorist group into its society as they undergo their first round of rehabilitation. FARC terrorists continuing to stage bombings and kidnappings have marred the process, however, which the Colombian people voted against last year.

BEIJING, CHINA - DECEMBER 1: China's President Xi Jinping meets Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith at the Great Halll of the People on December 1, 2016 in Beijing, China. Sisoulit is on a a four-day visit to China. (Photo by Nicolas Asouri - Pool/Getty Images)

China’s Xi Calls for ‘Socialist Family Values’ in 2017 as Anti-Beijing Sentiment Grows

The Chinese state news agency Xinhua is promoting statements by President Xi Jinping made last month demanding a “new trend toward socialist family values” in China as the Communist Party faces a 2017 teeming with new challenges from separatist groups, religious minorities, and even Maoists who reject Xi’s autocratic capitalist reforms.

George Wallace schoolhouse door (Associated Press)

California Vows to Stand in the Schoolhouse Door

California’s Marxist-progressive leadership has vowed to defy federal law and protect the millions of illegal aliens and welfare recipients to whom they owe their political power.


John Kerry Mulls Removing Marxist FARC Group from Terrorist Organization List

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Colombian media Monday that the Obama administration is ready to consider removing the FARC, the world’s wealthiest non-jihadist terror group, from the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations, allowing American banks and businesses to deal with the Marxist narco-terror organization.


Colombian Soldier Arrested for Using FARC Money for Sex Change

A Colombian soldier who participated in the 2003 looting of buried savings hidden by the FARC terrorist group has been captured, and is pleading to be placed in a prison with women, as he used some of the money stolen from the crime scene for a sex change.


FARC Terror Leaders March Openly in Cuba’s May Day Parade

The leaders of the world’s wealthiest non-jihadist terrorist organization, the FARC, marched openly alongside thousands forced to carry posters of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution for Marxist International Workers’ Day celebrations Sunday.

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Chinese President Praises ‘Unyielding Marxist Atheists’ as Christian Woman Bulldozed to Death

The Chinese Communist Party held its first conference on religious freedom this weekend, in which President Xi Jinping demanded that “unyielding Marxist atheists” impose communism onto the nation’s religious groups. The meeting follows months of growing tensions between the communists in Beijing and blossoming Christian and Muslim underground communities.

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Colombia: FARC Terrorists May Have Forced Retirement of Brigadier General

Colombia’s Attorney General is investigating whether a high-ranking general tendered his resignation from the Armed Forces under pressure from government officials seeking to appease the FARC terror group, currently stonewalling a peace deal the nation’s president has wagered his legacy on.