Nolte: Hispanics, Blacks Least Vaccinated After Joe Biden’s Anti-Vaxx Comments

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After Joe Biden spent much of the 2020 campaign warning people not to trust Donald Trump’s coronavirus vaccine, as it stands today, blacks and Hispanics are the least likely to be vaccinated and are now dying disproportionately.

It’s just a fact His Fraudulency Joe Biden and Her Fraudulency Kamala Harris spent much of the 2020 presidential campaign warning people not the trust any China Flu vaccine that came by way of the Trump administration. But, then, after Biden allegedly won the presidency, it became his job to sell that same vaccine, and now it appears as though his anti-science scare tactics are coming back to haunt his failed crusade to get the country vaccinated.

But it’s really haunting black and Hispanic communities.

As of right now, only about 47 percent of all eligible adults are fully vaccinated in the United States, and the vaccination rate is slowing. Those eager to be vaccinated most likely already are and have been for a while. The trickle of new vaccinations is probably the “vaccine-hesitant” making up their minds to jump off that side of the fence. Plenty, however, are jumping on the nope-nope-nope side.

Naturally, the fake corporate media are focusing all their ire on only one subset of the unvaccinated, and that’s Republicans. However, the CDC reports:

Black and Hispanic people have had persistently lower rates of vaccination compared to their White counterparts across most states. These lower vaccination rates leave Black and Hispanic people at increased risk for infection, illness, and death, particularly as new variants, like the Delta variant, spread.

Thus far, 47 percent of whites are vaccinated, and 62 percent of Asians, but Hispanics sit at a much lower 39 percent, and blacks at an even lower 34 percent.

So, yes, while it’s true polling shows Republicans are the most vaccine-hesitant or outright against it, and while red states do have lower vaccination rates than blue states, as far as a proportion of the population — which is important when it comes to achieving herd immunity in specific communities — black and Hispanic Americans lag way behind.

It’s also true that black and Hispanic disproportionately vote Democrat and voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; it’s also true that during the campaign, both Biden and Harris repeatedly told Americans they could not trust the vaccine and did so even during nationally-televised debates. It’s all right here on video…

Over and over and over again, Biden and Harris told their voters not to trust any vaccine that came from Trump. And lo and behold, what we have now are Biden and Harris voters not trusting a vaccine that came from Trump.

The low vaccination rate among blacks and Hispanics is also affecting the vaccination rates in many of those red states the media keep whining about. Don’t forget that many of those red states, especially in the south, have large black and Hispanic populations.

“I’m not taking it,” Her Vice Fraudulency said during her vice presidential debate with then-Vice President Mike Pence.

“Who’s gonna take the shot?” His Fraudulency asked during one of his debates with Trump.

“If the president announced tomorrow we have a vaccine, would you take it?” His Fraudulency asked rhetorically during an interview.

Over and over, Biden and Harris openly suggested a Trump vaccine would not be safe, and here we sit today with only 34 percent of blacks vaccinated and 39 percent of Hispanics — two of Harris and Biden’s biggest voting blocs.

And what’s the result? Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately dying of the coronavirus:

The share of vaccinations received by Black people also continues to be smaller than their share of deaths in most states, although in some states it is similar to the share of deaths. The share of vaccinations received by Hispanic people is similar to or higher than their share of anti-deaths in most reporting states, although in some states it continues to be lower. For example, in California, 29% of vaccinations have gone to Hispanic people, while they account for 63% of cases, 48% of deaths, and 40% of the total population in the state. Similarly, in the District of Columbia, Black people have received 43% of vaccinations, while they make up 56% of cases, 71% of deaths, and 46% of the total population. The size of these differences varies across states. The number of states where the shares of vaccinations received by Black and Hispanic people are more proportionate to their shares of the total population and/or their shares of cases or deaths in the state has grown over time.

Trump delivered the vaccine.

Trump told us the vaccine is safe.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris told their voters not to trust the Trump vaccine, and now we’re seeing the deadly results.


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