Nolte: Ratings for Tuesday’s Woke Olympics Plummet 55%

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It’s official: the 2020 Woke Olympics are a five-alarm ratings catastrophe. We are right now in the heart of the best competition. This is the time the American public should be tuning in, and practically no one is.

How bad is it? This bad…

During Tuesday night’s primetime coverage of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, a mere 16.2 million people tuned in. That’s across all platforms, including streaming. That’s also nearly 20 million fewer viewers than the 36.1 million who tuned in this same Tuesday for the Rio Summer Games in 2016.

So we’re talking about a 55 percent crash.

Simone Biles

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The numbers are even worse compared to 2012 when 38.7 million tuned in on this same Tuesday. That’s a loss of 22.5 million total viewers or 58 percent.

“NBC’s primetime Olympics coverage is now averaging 17.5 million viewers across all platforms, more than ten million shy of the NBC-only average at this point in 2016 (28.6M),” reports Sports Media Watch.

And here comes the horseshit:

The Olympics is far from the first sporting event to suffer historic lows since the wave of cancellations and postponements that decimated the industry in March of last year, joining a list that includes the least-watched Super Bowl since 2007 and the least-watched NBA Finals and World Series on record.

Yes, it’s the “wave of cancellations and postponements that decimated the industry,” and not a wave of unappealing and obnoxious athletes preening their own virtue. It’s not a wave of divisive and partisan politics. It’s not a wave of ungrateful competitors more interested in posing as victims than becoming champions. And it’s certainly not a wave of cowardly announcers and commentators trying to make a hero out of Simone Biles for choking, something they know is a lie.

I’m sure if Tim Tebow walked off the field after the first quarter of the Super Bowl, he’d be given the same treatment.


(AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

I’m not here to trash Biles. Choking is human. But to spin a choke into “bravely dealing with mental health issues” is pure, undiluted crap, and people don’t want to hear it.

They also don’t want to hear about what an awful country America is, how oppressed these poor, widdle elites are, or anything about the fascism of social justice.

All people want is to sit back and watch greatness. They want to cheer the heroic striving to be the best. They want to root for their fellow Americans. They want to come together as one people and invest themselves in extraordinary individuals who possess the true virtues of dedication, risk, hard work, and sacrifice. Unfortunately, the Woke Olympics have made that impossible. Those virtues have been replaced by virtueless athletes who preen, whine, and complain with a disgusting sense of entitlement and overall sheen of ugly and ungrateful narcissism.

They don’t care about us.

Why should we care about them?

And no one can explain to me why “cancellations” and “postponements” would kill ratings. People are locked in their homes, desperate for original programming. Ratings should be higher, not lower. The cowardice in the media when it comes to admitting the truth – that woke is devastating sports, entertainment, the news media, and everything else it touches – is a helluva lot more entertaining than the Woke Olympics.


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