Poll: Majority Familiar with ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ and ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Movement Say They Are ‘Appropriate’ Ways to Protest

Municipal workers hold placards and shout slogans during a protest against the covid-19 va
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A majority of likely voters who are familiar with ever-popular chants of “Fuck Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon!” say they are “appropriate” ways to protest the Biden administration, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Tuesday found.

Most likely voters are familiar with the chants that are largely taking place at sporting events, although 52.4 percent of Democrats, specifically, said they are not familiar with the chants. A solid majority of Republicans and independents are familiar.

The survey asked respondents, “Do you believe chants like ‘F–k Joe Biden’ (or ‘Let’s Go Brandon’) are an appropriate way to protest the Biden Administration?”

Among those who originally said they were familiar with the chants, 59 percent said both chants are appropriate. In this grouping, even a plurality of Democrats (46.2 percent) said “yes, both are” appropriate. Sixty-eight percent of Republicans and 55.7 percent of independents agree. However, across the board, 16.9 percent said “Let’s Go Brandon is appropriate,” but not “Fuck Joe Biden.”

The survey asked the same question to everyone surveyed, even those who said they were unfamiliar with the movement. In that grouping, a plurality, 44.3 percent, said “yes, both are,” appropriate forms of protest, while 38.6 percent said “neither is appropriate.” Another 17.1 percent said “Let’s Go Brandon is appropriate,” but not “Fuck Joe Biden.”

A majority of Republicans in that sample, 57.3 percent, said both are appropriate, and a plurality of independents, 48.3 percent, agreed. Predictably, 54.1 percent of Democrats said the chants are not appropriate, although 29 percent of Democrats believe they are.

The survey, taken October 22-24, 2021, among 1,083 likely general election voters, has a margin of error of +/- 2.98 percent.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” was popularized in early October after an NBC reporter bizarrely interpreted chants of “Fuck Joe Biden” as “Let’s Go Brandon” while interviewing NASCAR Xfinity Series race winner Brandon Brown.

It has since skyrocketed in popularity alongside “Fuck Joe Biden,” which has continued to erupt at sporting events and protests across the nation.

Most recently, chants of “Fuck Joe Biden” permeated the air as workers protested against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) coronavirus vaccine mandates as they walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday:


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