Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Slams Biden’s Energy Secretary for ‘Hoping’ Gas Prices Do Not Exceed $4

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks during a news conference where he provided an update to Texa
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) denounced President Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm after she said on Sunday that she hopes gas prices do not increase to $4 per gallon.

“There’s no reason to “hope” gas prices won’t reach $4 (which it already has in parts of U.S.). Gas prices would go down if Biden stopped hindering the energy sector in America. There’s no reason to beg OPEC for more oil. Texas can produce it & make America energy independent,” the Republican governor said in a tweet.

Abbott’s response comes after Granholm told CNN’s Dana Bash that she hopes gas prices will not continue to rise, “adding that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is ‘controlling the agenda,”‘ the Hill reported.

“According to AAA, the national average of gas prices is now $3.42 a gallon. Bank of America is predicting crude oil prices could soar another 50 percent by next June. Could the average gas price in America be $4 a gallon in the United States soon?” Bash asked Granholm on CNN.

“Well, we certainly hope not,” the energy secretary replied, adding that President Biden “is all over this.”

“Of course, every president is frustrated because they can’t control the price of gasoline because it’s a global market. You can call upon increased supply, which he has done, and OPEC is, unfortunately, controlling the agenda with respect to oil prices. OPEC is a cartel, and it controls over 50 percent of the supply of gasoline,” she continued.

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 05: Gas prices approaching $5 a gallon are displayed in front of a Shell gas station on October 05, 2021 in San Rafael, California. Gas prices in the U.S. are continuing to rise to the highest level since 2014. According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline inched up to $3.20 over the last month, over $1 per gallon more than one year ago. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Gas prices approaching $5 a gallon are displayed in front of a Shell gas station on October 05, 2021, in San Rafael, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Abbott was correct when he said gas already costs more than $4.00 per gallon in some places around the country. In California, for example, the average cost of gas is more than $4.60, according to the latest AAA estimates. The governor has been very vocal in his criticism of the Biden administration, especially since President Joe Biden — in the name of fighting climate change — is responsible for ending U.S. energy independence, which was gained during Donald Trump’s presidency. Biden has since asked OPEC to produce more oil, though he recently acknowledged the irony of asking OPEC for oil while pushing climate change policies.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News in October, Abbott said Texas could help solve the current supply chain crisis hurting Americans if President Joe Biden would just “leave Texas alone and let us do our thing.”

Abbott also reprimanded Biden in August, saying Texas — not OPEC — could “easily” fix America’s oil dilemma.

“Dear White House: Texas can do this. Our producers can easily produce that oil if your administration will just stay out of the way,”  he tweeted. “Allow American workers—not OPEC—produce the oil that can reduce the price of gasoline. Don’t make us dependent on foreign sources of energy.”


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