White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain Seeks Spotlight as Biden’s Presidency Implodes

Biden - FILE - In this Feb. 11, 2015, file photo outgoing Ebola czar Ron Klain listens as President Barack Obama speaks about the Ebola outbreak response by the U.S. in West Africa in the South Court Auditorium of the White House complex in Washington. Klain is preparing to serve …
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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain sought the spotlight Tuesday as Joe Biden’s presidency is imploding.

While Biden’s approval ratings are in the low 30s, Biden’s top man in the Oval Office has sought attention from the establishment media about his Twitter habit, soft drink fixation, and job description – all the while claiming there is too much attention paid to him.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Klain commented on his opinion of Twitter’s usefulness, acknowledging he keeps tabs on media feedback about his job.

“I find being on Twitter useful as an early-warning system of things that, to be honest, reporters are talking about,” Klain told the Post. “So, a little way to kind of get a sense of what’s out there. What our activists are talking about. What our critics are talking about. What Republicans are talking about.”

Klain also opened up about his soft drink fixation, telling the Post about how he has run out of his supply of a certain brand.

“Klain is deeply attached to Tab,” the Post reported. “When Coca-Cola announced in 2020 that it was discontinuing production of the beverage, Klain’s wife, Monica Medina, who also serves in the administration, gave him a year-long supply of Tab for Hanukkah.”

Biden’s top man told the Post he has consumed all the bottles of Tab his wife gifted him, admitting the drink’s absence has been a challenge for him to overcome. “Tab is gone — it’s a problem I’ve been unable to fix in my first year as chief of staff,” he stated.

Klain also spoke about misconceptions those outside the Oval Office might have about the White House. “The biggest misperception of the White House — I think there’s way too much focus on me,” he said.

Klain was quick to note the White House is “a team effort,” but then directed the conversation back to himself. “I’m happy to be the person who takes the spears when things go awry or when people are critical. That’s my job as White House chief of staff.”

While Klain seemingly focused on himself during the Post’s interview, the publication noted that Klain has been failing at his responsibilities.

The report, which spoke “with more than 60 White House and administration officials, Cabinet secretaries, members of Congress,” ripped Klain for ruining Biden’s relationship with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and for overplaying his hand with radical  Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) during reconciliation negotiations.

White House officials “disputed” the “notion” that Klain’s mistakes cost the Democrats a legislative victory, the Post reported.

The Post’s interview also touched on an allegation from NBC News that Klain has been hiding Biden in the White House and keeping him away from friends and constituents.

Klain promised the Post that Biden would spend more time “on the road in 2022, interacting with Americans and showcasing his trademark style of backslapping empathy.”

“We’re going to try to find ways to do those [congressional] meetings earlier in the day, later in the day — so maybe during the day he can go out, be in public. He could even travel,” Klain stated while reportedly drinking a soft drink.

NBC News reported on Friday that Klain’s micromanagement has impacted Biden’s core brand of being “pragmatic” and noted Klain’s preferences of keeping Biden away from his friends.

“Klain knows Biden ‘can be influenced by his old friends,’ and that ‘frankly, he should be, because there’s a lot of experience there,’” a Biden confidant told NBC News.

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