Schweizer: Biden Is Giving China ‘Unfettered Access to Our Capital Markets’

Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer said Wednesday on FNC’s “Mornings With Maria” that President Joe Biden is giving China “unfettered access to our capital markets and unfettered access to our technology.”

Schweizer, the author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, said, “$31 million to me is the floor, it’s not the ceiling of what the Biden family got out of their dealings in China.”

Bartiromo said, “We know that the CCP wants to overtake the United States as the number one superpower. We know the CCP is a bad actor. They’ve been stealing intellectual property for decades, they bully neighbors in the South China Sea, they disappear people like Jack Ma and Peng Shuai. Yet, we haveJoe Biden’s family accepted $31 million from the adversary, the CCP, is that treason?”

Schweizer said, “That’s a great question. What people have to understand here, to be very clear, is that China has a strategy called elite capture. This is a designed strategy to basically get leaders to bow to Beijing’s wishes. They’re not expecting them to be in complete lockstep. The strategy laid out, if you translate it to English, is roughly they want big help with a little bad mouth. So if Joe Biden is making statements about the Uyghurs occasionally, they’re fine with that. What he’s doing is giving them what they want, which is basically unfettered access to our capital markets and unfettered access to our technology.”

He added, “That raises fundamental questions about whether the president of the United States is compromised because of these financial ties that his family enjoys. That’s why what Congressman McCarthy said is so important, this needs to be investigated by somebody with subpoena power. If law enforcement’s not going to do it, it needs to be a congressional committee, so we get to the bottom of this money.”

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