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Pro-Government Turkish Newspaper: China Committing ‘Genocide’ Against Uighurs

The fervently pro-government Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak published a column by its editor-in-chief Ibrahim Karagül on Saturday accusing China of “genocide” against its Muslim Uighur population, a significant deviation from the silence typical of the Muslims world in light of China’s decision to force millions of Uighurs to renounce their faith in internment camps.

The ethnic roots of China’s Uighur crisis

In Highlighting Afghanistan, Islamic State Mag Targets ‘Atheist Chinese’

In explaining the importance of Afghanistan to the Islamic State in an interview, the terrorist organization’s official English-language magazine, Dabiq, note the presence of “atheist Chinese” near Afghan borders as a threat to their international jihad. The group has recently increased its efforts to call the attention of the Chinese government toward them.

Islamic State fighters

Is Islamic State Cornering China into a Military Role in the Middle East?

Having involved most Middle Eastern nations, Russia, and the United States in its apocalyptic war in Syria, the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) appears determined to force China to establish a presence in the region, also, threatening the Asian nation in a new video and boasting of the murder of a Chinese citizen last week.

China Commits Warship, Special Forces to Joint Exercises with Asian Rivals

China: Communist Newspaper Editor Prosecuted for Criticizing Uyghur Policy

The editor-in-chief of the Communist Party’s largest publication in western Xinjiang province, China, was dismissed from his job and will be prosecuted for “serious discipline breaches” that include questioning China’s policy to combat Islamist Uyghur terrorism in the region.

CHINA, Beijing : (151030) -- BEIJING, Oct. 30, 2015 (Xinhua) -- Wang Qishan (4th R rear), a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and secretary of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), presides over a meeting …

Turkish President Calls for More Trade in China amid Uyghur Tensions

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is currently in Beijing, where he met with President Xi Jinping on Wednesday and called for the expansion of bilateral trade. While Chinese state media attempted to make trade the center of the meeting, the international community watched for signs of tension between the two nations given Turkey’s support of China’s Uyghur minority.

NG HAN GUAN/AFP/Getty Images

China’s Crackdown on Minorities: Tibetans, Uyghurs Denied Passports

Human Rights Watch has released a report alleging that China has developed a two-tiered passport system designed to prevent the nation’s Tibetans and ethnic Uyghur population from leaving the country. Both groups, internationally known for their resistance to the central government in Beijing, suffer up to five-year delays in passport processing without explanation.

Omar Havana/Getty Images

Turkish Leader: ‘Slanted Eyes’ Make It Hard to Tell Chinese, Koreans Apart

The leader of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) excused a mistaken attack on Korean tourists by Turks attempting to protest the Chinese government by claiming the protesters were “young people” confused by Asians’ “slanted eyes.” Turkish nationalists have organized protests against China for its crackdown on Islam in Turkic Uyghur communities.


Anti-China Turkish Protesters Mistakenly Attack Korean Tourists, Uyghur Cook

The Chinese embassy in Istanbul has released an advisory to Chinese nationals planning to travel to Turkey, warning that they may face violence following attacks on suspected Chinese nationals by Turkish national protesters this weekend. Those attacks may be a statement against the Chinese government’s attempts to ban the practice of Islam among Western ethnic Uyghurs, who largely subscribe to the faith.


Turkey Expresses ‘Deep Concern’ over China’s Ramadan Ban

The Turkish government has upset Chinese diplomats after Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu expressed “deep concern” over efforts in China to eliminate the observation of the holy month of Ramadan and bans in particular on Communist Party members fasting during the day, as is traditional during the holiday.


Report: Police Attacked in China’s Muslim Xinjiang Territory during Ramadan, 18 Dead

A combined bomb and knife attack at a security checkpoint in western Xinjiang province has left at least 18 Chinese nationals dead, according to a Radio Free Asia report. The attack in the heavily Muslim-populated region, about which the Chinese government has offered sparse details, may be in retaliation for extreme religious restrictions during the holy month of Ramadan.

Alex Lee/Reuters file photo

China Forces Muslim Officials to Forego Ramadan Fast in Islamic Xinjiang Province

As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan arrives this week, Chinese officials are reportedly forcing everyone from Communist Party members to schoolteachers to vow they will not participate in the traditional fast during this month, or exhibit their religion in any way. The ban follows similar restrictions in western Xinjiang province last year.


China Forces Muslim Shops to Sell Alcohol and Cigarettes to ‘Weaken Religion’

The Chinese government in the Western Muslim province of Xinjiang have issued an ordinance forcing local shops to sell alcohol and cigarettes, which are forbidden by the religion, or have authorities shut down their shops. Locals say the ordinance is meant to “weaken” religion in the area, and in the latest in a series of laws intended to eliminate Islam from China.

The Associated Press

China Sentences Couple to Prison for Beard and Burqa

A Chinese couple has been sentenced to spend years in prison for wearing overtly Islamic fashions in the western Chinese city of Xinjiang. Chinese authorities sentenced the man to six years for sporting a beard and the woman to two years for wearing a burqa.


Life in Urumqi, China’s Uyghur Capital

In Urumqi, the capital of China’s northwestern province Xinjiang, residents are still recovering from a violent riot five summers ago between the minority Turkic Muslims — the Uighurs — and the majority Han people.

U.S. at odds with U.K. decision to join China-funded bank

Report: Islamic State Executes Three Chinese Uyghur Jihadists

(Reuters) – The Islamic State has killed three Chinese militants who joined its ranks in Syria and Iraq and later attempted to flee, a Chinese state-run newspaper said, the latest account of fighters from China embroiled in the Middle East conflict.


China Passes Burqa Ban in its Largest Muslim City

The Chinese regional government of Xinjiang, the nation’s westernmost province, has approved a ban on burqas in its capital, Urumqi. The capital is the nation’s most Muslim-populated city; the law would prevent women from wearing the garment in public.

Reuters File Photo