CNN Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Direct Military Action to Stop Russia

Soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment line up vehicles at the military airfield in Vilseck,
AP Photo/Michael Probst

The majority of Americans oppose the United States having direct military action to stop the Russian military action in Ukraine, according to a CNN poll.

The CNN poll found that 62 percent of Americans think the U.S. should do more to stop the Russian military actions that is currently happening in Ukraine, while 38 percent of the Americans think the U.S. has already done enough.

However, when asked if the respondents would favor or oppose the U.S. taking direct military action to stop Russia if the economic sanction do not work, only 42 percent said they favored action as a majority (58 percent) said they would oppose any military action.

Additionally, there is a majority consensus that most people have a growing fear of Russian aggression. An overwhelming majority (77 percent) said that they are worried that the war in Ukraine would lead to Russian attacks elsewhere, while only 23 percent said they are not worried.

Furthermore, 80 percent said they are worried that the war in Ukraine would lead to a broader war in Europe, while only 20 percent said they are not worried. There were also 72 percent who said they are worried that the war in Ukraine would threaten U.S national security.

The CNN poll was conducted between February 25 and 26 and asked 1,001 adults in the U.S. through text messages. There was a four percent margin or error. The questions were answered by 30 percent of self-described Democrats, 31 percent of self-described Republicans, and 39 percent of self-described independents.

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter.


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