‘What an Amazing Woman!’: Lia Thomas Mocked on Social Media After Crushing Female Competitors

Lia Thomas
Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Lia Thomas, a man, got in the water on Thursday and virtually lapped his female competitors as he cruised to an easy victory in the NCAA women’s  500-yard freestyle race.

Thomas faced not only elite Division I female swimmers but also two Olympic female swimmers. The race video was shared widely on social media and showed just how dominant an average male swimmer can be against elite female swimmers.

After the race, ESPN gave Thomas an interview in which they didn’t even pretend like there was anything weird about what Thomas was doing, or anything wrong with him asserting his inherent male advantages over the female competitors:

While ESPN may have felt fine treating this absolute farce like an actual athletic event, the internet didn’t pull any punches.

Others chose to use the moment to celebrate Emma Weyant, the female Olympian who came in second behind Thomas. Though she came in second, given that Weyant is an actual female, she is the true winner of the race.

Others chose to find the humor at the moment:

Thomas has other races scheduled for Friday, so there are more records from past female competitors and more hopes and dreams of current female competitors to be erased.

Good job, NCAA.


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