Nolte: Joe Biden’s Formula Shortage Puts Two Babies in Hospital

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“At least two children in Tennessee are being treated at the hospital due to [Joe Biden’s] nationwide formula shortage,” reports Fox 8. “According to WMC, neither doctors nor their families can find the formula these children need on store shelves.”

This is happening … in America.

No, not in America… It’s happening in Joe Biden’s America.

And this is what happens when you give Democrats political power.

You see, above all — unless, of course, you’re an illegal alien — Democrats believe in scarcity.

Less is what Democrats believe in.

Less for everyone.

Less energy, less water, less speech, less housing, and (unless you’re an illegal alien), less baby formula.

The only thing Democrats want more of is gay porn in elementary schools, illegal aliens to replace Americans, Drag Queen Story Hours, and abortions.

More from Fox 8:

“This is a crisis for us in health care,” said Dr. Mark Corkins, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.


“This is not every child, not normal children, but literally the formula recall has led to these children requiring hospitalization,” Corkins said.

According to Corkins, the children’s bodies did not tolerate the switch to a different formula, when their parents could no longer find the formula they normally use.

Do you not yet understand that this is what Democrats want, to turn America into a third-world country without enough electricity, water, gasoline, and even baby food?

Why else would Democrats kill domestic exploration with energy prices at record highs?

Why else would Democrats kill desalination plants in the middle of California’s devastating drought?

Why else would Democrats try to pass more of the trillion-dollar spending boondoggles that have already resulted in crippling inflation?

Why else would Democrats take power companies offline, knowing there will be blackouts?

Why else would Democrats do absolutely nothing to ensure Americans get enough baby formula when Democrats have known since freakin’ February there would be a shortage?

Please give me a reasonable explanation. I’m all ears. But don’t try “incompetence.” This isn’t incompetence. This is deliberate. No one is stupid enough to stand idle knowing a baby formula shortage is coming. Lenny from Of Mice and Men wouldn’t stand idle if babies were at risk.

Give me a reasonable explanation for why, with energy, housing, and baby formula shortages, Biden is allowing a full-fledged invasion to occur over our southern border.

There is only one explanation… Democrats hate self-reliant, prosperous Americans of all races and creeds and want to punish and replace us.

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