GOP Sen. Marshall: U.S.-Mexico Border ‘Looks Like a War Zone’

This week on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) called on President Joe Biden to visit the U.S.-Mexico border as the White House pushes to lift Title 42.

Marshall, who was visiting the border, described the scene as a “war zone every night.” He said it was an “unsustainable crisis.”

“Maria, this is a human tragedy here,” Marshall emphasized. “At nighttime, it looks like a war zone. There’s a sea of humanitarian crises here every evening. And every day, it’s lived out as well. And I want to just shout out to the Border Patrol officers. They are doing an incredible job, the Department of Public Safety here in Texas. All of those people are doing their best, but they’re just simply overwhelmed. This is an unsustainable crisis. It’s a war zone every night. I’m calling on Joe Biden to come down here and see this for himself. And I don’t mean do a flyby stop at the airport here in McAllen. He needs to come down; spend some time on the river.”

He continued, “He needs to fish people out of this Rio Grande River behind me after they have traveled thousands of miles. He needs to go up the interstate here 60 miles and pick up people that have been traveling for two or three days without water in the desert here as well. He needs to go with those farmers and ranchers who are finding dead bodies on their ranches now. Most every day now, they’re finding dead bodies.”

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