Democrat David Trone Leaves Offices Closed After Calling Attacks ‘Misinformation’

David Trone
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Democrat Rep. David Trone of Maryland was caught leaving offices closed during business hours, an “accusation” a Trone spokesperson called a “misinformation” campaign by his Republican challenger.

Trone’s spokesperson told WCBC that the “accusations” from one of his Republican challengers, former journalist and current Republican candidate for Congress Matthew Foldi, that Trone’s offices have been “routinely closed” are part of a “misinformation” campaign to “create confusion for constituents.”

Foldi, who has been traveling around Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District doing a “David Trone Closed Office Tour,” previously told Breitbart News that the incumbent is “pathetic” for claiming the attacks on him are “misinformation” when the candidate has been traveling around the district and holding press conferences in front of the taxpayer-funded offices.

Trone’s spokesperson said the congressman has offices in Cumberland, Hagerstown, Frederick, and Gaithersburg, but admitted that “each office is not open every day” and that “there are schedules available as to when they are staffed,” but claimed that any calls to the office would be returned within 48 hours and that “constituent service [is] a top priority.”

Despite all of this, Foldi returned to Trone’s Hagerstown office on Wednesday to find it closed, locked, and with the lights off, giving the appearance that no one was there. Foldi tweeted a video clip at 4:47 p.m. ET after visiting the office at 4:00 p.m.

“Trone admitted he’s a part time congressman. I went back to his Hagerstown office just now,” Foldi added. “This office claims it’s open on Wednesdays. Totally closed and locked with constituent mail sitting in the mailbox. Unacceptable.”

According to Trone’s website, the Hagerstown office should have been open.

Trone’s official government website showed that the Hagerstown office is open Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., which is within the time Foldi visited the office, according to the Foldi campaign.

Screenshot taken from Rep. David Trone’s (D-MD) government website indicating the office hours of taxpayer-funded Frederick, Hagerstown, and Cumberland offices. (

Foldi exclusively told Breitbart News Wednesday night, “I’m proud to be one of the few constituents David Trone has responded to in our district — all it took was having daily press conferences outside his offices.”

“Rather than do the right thing — the thing we pay him to do — Congressman Trone still refuses to open his offices, full time, to the public. Trone’s outrageous neglect of the Western Marylanders, especially in a time of economic hardship, won’t be forgotten at the polls this November,” Foldi added during a conversation with Breitbart News.

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