Neo-Nazi Bank Robber Gets Free Cosmetic Sex Surgery from Taxpayers

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U.S. Bureau of Prisons is providing free cosmetic sexual surgery to a convicted male bank robber with ties to a neo-Nazi group.

This comes after Peter Kevin Langan, who now goes by “Donna,” claims his requests for surgery have been repeatedly denied.A joint status report released last week, said:

In light of the steps [BOP has] taken towards providing surgeries to Plaintiff, the parties believe there is a possibility that all claims in this case might be resolved without the need for further litigation. Plaintiffs concur that the actions of the government appear to show that the surgery is on track, and will not be postponed excessively, or artificially delayed.

Fox News reported on the development:

In 1997, Donna Langan, born Peter Kevin Langan, was convicted to life in prison plus 35 years in two separate trials for robbing two banks using firearms and “a destructive device,” assaulting federal officers and further firearms charges, according to Ohio federal court documents.

Langan, 63, was part of a small, neo-Nazi group called the “Aryan Republican Army” (ARA) at the time of his crimes with the goal of funneling money from the banks he robbed to the ARA, according to court documents.

Langan spent about two decades in a male prison before being transferred to a female facility — the Federal Medical Center in Carswell, Texas — several years ago. Langan is one of few transgender female inmates who successfully transferred prisons. Langan had an initial surgery consultation on June 10. The inmate “experiences debilitating anguish as a result of severe and inadequately treated gender dysphoria,” according to the initial complaint filed against BOP in September 2021.

Langan claims he has known he was misidentified as a girl since the age of four and has long suffered from gender dysphoria.

“To alleviate this suffering, and the other harms and risks of harm she faces as a result of sex-based discrimination, she has for decades sought, and now seeks via this complaint, gender confirming surgeries (hereinafter “GCS”), most urgently vaginoplasty,” the complaint filed on behalf of Langan says.

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