Gender Reassignment Surgery

BP Oil Adds Gender Reassignment Surgery to Employee Package

One British oil titan with its North American headquarters based in Houston just added gender reassignment surgery to its benefits package to make themselves more attractive to recruiting and hanging onto top-quality 21st Century employees.

BP Texas City Refinery

Conservative Serbia Becomes Unlikely Sex Change Centre

In a country where Gay Pride parades require massive security and almost half the citizens think homosexuality is a disease, Serbia is drawing patients from around the world seeking sex change operations to become men.


U.S. Taxpayers Give ‘Magnolia Thunderpussy’ a Sex Change

A former she-male hooker, only a year out of jail on a fraud conviction, just received a full “sex change” operation, courtesy of the American taxpayer. His story is loving told over more than four full pages in Sunday’s edition of the New York Times.

New York Times/screenshot