Donald Trump Calls for Congressional Investigation into ‘Anti-American’ Political Censorship 

Donald Trump faces Google censorship
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty on Trump one

Former President Donald Trump called on Congress to investigate the “anti-American” practice of censorship rampant across America’s corporations and big tech platforms.

Trump’s comments came during Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit on Saturday in Tampa, Florida. Trump said:

But I’ll talk about the next critical fight we need is for your energy to be put behind the battle to restore free speech in America. There is no such thing as a democracy that does not have free speech. We don’t have free speech anymore. We have canceled culture we have fake news media that reports certain news incorrectly.

He also called out corporate media for its biased coverage of political issues and for being “partners” with the Democrats:

And if it’s positive about the other side, they make it much better and if it’s bad about the other side, they won’t even report it. We saw that in the election where they wouldn’t report bad news about the other side. It’s a disgrace. The media has taken a place in our culture and our history that nobody ever thought would be possible. They are no longer respected.

Trump warned that if censorship continues to grow across the country, America will turn into “Venezuela on steroids.” He said:

“If debate can be silenced, if dissent can be suppressed. If conservative ideas can be systematically shut down, then very simply, we do not have a free country anymor. That’s what happened with communism and various countries. That’s what happened with Venezuela.

Trump added that “the next congress and the next president have a civic duty to be ruthless in going after this new censorship regime.”

“We have to, because if we do not destroy censorship, censorship will destroy America. Our country will rot from the corruption confusion,” he urged.

“As soon as we have the power. Congress should immediately launch a full scale investigation into the rise of totally anti American practice,” Trump declared.


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