Donald Trump Endorses Tudor Dixon for Governor in Michigan

Tudor Dixon, Republican gubernatorial candidate for Michigan, speaks during the Conservati
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Former President Donald Trump endorsed Tudor Dixon in Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial primary on Friday evening.

Dixon is a businesswoman and former conservative television commentator, plus an outspoken critic of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Tudor Dixon in Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial primary on Friday evening.

Dixon is one of five candidates running in the state’s GOP primary, which takes place on Tuesday. Trump’s late endorsement may be able to give Dixon the final push needed going into the primary election, as recent polls have found she is slightly ahead or closely behind.

Republican political consultant Dave Forsmark said Trump’s endorsement “might give her a 10 percent bump.”

poll that found Dixon had a slight four-point advantage over her challengers also determined that 38 percent of Republican voters remain undecided.

In his endorsement, Trump said Michigan “is being destroyed by the Radical Left Democrats,” and called Whitmer “the Queen of lockdowns (except for her husband), school closures, and a suffering economy.”

Trump cited Dixon’s “powerful speech” on election integrity as one of the reasons for his endorsement.

Trump said:

When I met Tudor Dixon, she was not well known, but I could tell she had something very special—it was a quality that few others have. She delivered a powerful speech on how she would lead Michigan, fight for Election Integrity, turn around the Economy, and protect the future of Michigan for every child. Then, after recognizing her during my Rally speech in April, her campaign took off like a rocket ship. The great people of Michigan got it—just like I did.

Trump also noted her career in the steel industry and called attention to her “pro-God, pro-Gun, and pro-Freedom” worldview.

Trump continued:

She raised a beautiful family, and is ready to save Michigan. She’s pro-God, pro-Gun, and pro-Freedom, and she won’t be stopped! She will stand up to the Radical Left as they try to indoctrinate our children and is ready to take on one of the worst Governors in the nation, Gretchen Whitmer, who is trying to destroy Michigan and our Country. Tudor Dixon will make a great Governor and has my Complete and Total Endorsement. She will not let you down!

In response to the endorsement, Tudor said it is “a great honor to receive President Trump’s endorsement and have the strength of our campaign to defeat Gretchen Whitmer further affirmed by his support.”

“Our vision for a family-friendly Michigan clearly resonates with voters. It is the reason our broad coalition is growing,” Tudor added. “Voters of all stripes are tired of being crushed by the heavy-hand of big government ideological liberals like Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden.”

Tudor also called out Biden and Whitmer for driving the country into a recession and promoting “radical gender and race ideology” to Michigan’s school children.

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