Watch – AZ Republican Kari Lake: Media Push Left’s False Narrative that Police Target Minorities

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, Kari Lake, bashed the media Thursday, asserting they disseminate the left’s “lie” that law enforcement targets minorities.

Lake, a former Fox 10 Phoenix anchor, held a joint press conference focused on law enforcement with Arizona’s Republican nominee for attorney general, Abe Hamadeh, at the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.

“A lot of people of color feel like they are unfairly targeted by police. Are they wrong to feel that way?” a reporter asked Lake. “And regardless of if there’s any merit there, what can you as governor do to improve the perception of police?”

“I talk to people of color. I talk to all Arizonans. They’re all concerned about the crime,” said Lake, adding:

Every Arizonan wants safety and security in their neighborhood. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is. And if you look at stats, you will look and see that police do not target people of color. That is a lie that’s been perpetuated by the left and then spread and disseminated and re-spread in the media.

Another reporter followed up by asking the gubernatorial candidate if she does not “believe that’s an opinion a lot of people of color have?”

“I don’t,” she responded. “I think you guys find one or two people, three of four, and they’re activists oftentimes, and then you spread that narrative.”

She then challenged reporters to go into minority neighborhoods and ask residents, “Do you want fewer police? Do you want to defund the police?'”

“They will look at you like you are the craziest person on the planet. Nobody wants that,” she added.

Hamadeh also responded to the reporter and echoed Lake’s sentiments:

This is a lie that has been perpetuated by the media and members of these organizations and why you consistently bring this up is that you seek to further divide our country. Right now what we are seeing is law enforcement is under attack, and that’s why we are using a rise in crime. Our cities are turning into Gotham.

“Law enforcement, they wear body cameras,” he went on to add. “They do every single thing right, and then all of a sudden, when there’s some minor issue, you highlight it and try to make it a bigger deal than it is, and you cause rioting on the streets.”

Hamadeh pointed to members of law enforcement behind him, asking the members of the media if “they look like racists to you?”

“No, they’re members of our community, and it’s time to treat them with respect,” he continued.


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