WATCH: Arizona Republican Kari Lake Launches ‘Ask Me Anything’ Tour

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, launched her “Ask Me Anything” tour Monday and held her first event in Phoenix.

In a video shared on Twitter, Lake announced she was kicking off the tour because her Democrat opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, refuses to debate.

“My opponent Katie Hobbs’s strategy is to hide from me, hide from the media, and hide from you, the voter. I’m taking a different approach. I’m so excited to announce my “Ask Me Anything” tour,” Lake said.

“Hate me? Don’t trust me? Are you still a little skeptical? That’s fine,” she added. “I signed up for this. I am applying for the job of governor, and you, the voter, are the hiring manager, and this tour is my job interview.”

Lake took the stage in downtown Phoenix on Monday after prayer backstage and answered questions for nearly 45 minutes. The first question for the GOP nominee was why Hobbs, who told the Arizona Clean Elections Commission last week that she would not share a stage with Lake, refuses to debate.

“I think the same reason that I won’t box Mike Tyson,” Lake jested. “It would not end well for me, and it won’t end well for her.” 

Another question concerned attack ads against Lake that highlight her past comments about men and women not being equal. The person who submitted the question asked, “Why do you think this?”

“They run attack ads, and if you’re believing attack ads, and that’s affecting how you vote, then you should know… they’re tricking people with those,” said Lake. “They go, ‘Oh, the voters who are the lower informed voters will fall for this.'”

“What I was saying in a speech I was delivering to young women was we are not the same. Men and women are different,” she continued. “Women are created for certain reasons, and men are created for others, I think we all get that. We’re not equal in a sense of a man can’t have a baby, even despite what the left says.”

After a round of applause, she said, “We are equal in America, and we should be treated equally when it comes to the workplace,” adding:

Most men would agree, that they can’t do the things that women can do. Men aren’t equal to women either. And women aren’t equal to men. We are complimentary to one another. That’s how God made us. But they took that part out, they tried to make it an attack ad. The funny thing is everybody who watches that ad says ‘well she’s right, they aren’t the same. Men and women aren’t the same.’ But what I do believe, obviously you are going to find occasional men who can do typical women’s things better and vice versa. You might find a woman whose really good at something men are typically good at and we have the ability to live that life here. If you want to make it in a man’s career that typically men go into, as a woman you have right to enter that career and you can do that and vice versa. And that’s why we have such a great equality in our workforce and we need to treat people equal in the workforce. And I find it very ironic that Katie Hobbs is running that ad when she has actually been proven twice in a court, unanimously by two juries, to not treat women equally to not treat people of color equally. She’s trying to deflect and make look it like I don’t, and I believe in equality for all, absolutely. But I have still yet to see a man who has baby. 

Lake’s next stop on the “Ask Me Anything” tour is Tuesday night in Chandler. Those who wish to receive updates on the tour can text “Kari” to 70789. 


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